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Fabrice J Katalay

Screenwriting partner

I am looking for someone who I can work with by writing a screenplay together and really trusting each other, I have ideas about Tv Serie and feature film but sometimes it's hard to put those words together... Please keep me in touch.

Craig D Griffiths

Hey Fabrice, as you can imagine there is going to the 100’s if not 1000s of hours work for this venture

Screenwriter like to be paid. Screenwriter also have 1000’s of their own ideas.

You would be better off writing your ideas out as stories. Then you are just looking for adaption. Which is a much easier sell to a screenwriter.

The other option. Is learn screenwriting yourself. It is just another form of story telling.

Stephen Floyd

What’s stopping you from developing your own screenplays?

Fabrice J Katalay

Thank you Craig D Griffiths it help me a lot and you right

Brian Knight

Kind of in the same boat with my writing. Being autistic, I get distracted somewhat easily. Basically, I can't keep focus on one screenplay at a time; my brain is always working on multiple episodes and shows at once and that can slow me down quite a bit.

I am also looking for a (local) screenwriting partner; someone to help me expand my story line; someone who can keep me excited and on track.

Currently, I am working on three different episodic screenplays. One is an action drama series about a 14 to 16 year old girl named Champion who develops superhero-like abilities after one of her fathers science experiments goes awry. The next is a spin-off (maybe) of the Wonder Years. And the third is a comedy series about a family whose dreams and fantasies come to life in the form of "figments"; sort of along the lines of Married with Children, Unhappily Ever After and a live action Family Guy.

Fabrice J Katalay

Thank you, the same thing with me, great to hear that, I'm also working on 2 different screenplays, it's will be a pleasure maybe to share it with you, keep me in touch if you need anything, Brian

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