Screenwriting : Script Revolution?????? by Bill Albert

Script Revolution??????

I've been debating this a long time. It looks so good and it seems that some people have been real success with it. The thing that keeps bothering me is I'm just not sure about allowing anyone at anytime to download and read a script. Are there any filters or screenings set up so to try and keep it as professional as possible?

Any good or bad stories?



Marty Chartrand

Script Revolution is a great site and I would get past the fear of someone stealing your script. The likelihood of it ever happening is minimal but the fear of not putting your stuff out there is the real tragedy. All the best.

Craig D Griffiths

It is a great site. I have sold through it.

Here is why people will not steal your work.

Dan Guardino

People can't even give away their screenplays for free so I really wouldn't worry about someone stealing one.

Kay Luke


Theft is not a concern. Con Artist are. They'll have you signing it over for $1 with promises of rainbows and unicorns before you know what happened. Without that signature, you're more trouble than your script can possibly be worth.

I even had some clown try to strong arm me into signing over a script!

Don't sign ANYTHING until you get it checked out.

Matthew H Emma

I applaud Script Revolution and think it is a great script hosting site. The site is overseen by CJ Walley, who in my opinion, does more for the screenwriting community than many others.

John Ellis

Absolutely worth it. CJ Walley , a member here, runs it and he's a standup, honest, straightforward guy.

Doug Nelson

I've not used his site because it's more 'European' centered (I think - maybe wrongly) and the stuff I write tends to be more American market oriented. C.J. is a good guy and I do know that he has helped many. (He ain't gonna steal your script.)

Craig D Griffiths

Doug Nelson CJ is English. But I sold in New York via this site. Plus got Canadian interest from it as well.

Jim Boston

Bill, I joined Script Revolution a week ago and loaded onto that site all ten of the screenplays I've got here (and I'm keeping) on Stage 32.

One of the restrictions I've noticed is that CJ Walley asks that if you want to download another member's script(s), you've got to contact the author and get his or her permission. Reading that script first is no problem at all.

CJ Walley

Thanks for the interest and all the kind words. You're all making me misty-eyed again.

Script Revolution is indeed very globally focused and there's a good chance you'll see reads from all around the world. That said, due to the nature of the business, most industry member sign-ups are from Los Angeles. I get to see every new member's bio and I can tell you there's people who've worked on some legendary films browsing through scripts.

I'm UK based but, as some of you know, my work is for LA producers and I was over there to shoot a feature earlier this year.

You have two options when it comes to uploading your material; you can either upload the pdf and you'll be notified via email who's downloaded it via email or you can chose not to upload your pdf and then people will be prompted to contact you directly.

Also, all downloads of any uploaded material are logged and your uploaded drafts timestamped to help provide some additional evidence of activity. That said, you should always be doing your best to protect your IP as you see necessary with any appropriate copyright protection.

As rightly mentioned, your biggest concern should be low-rent industry members making very poor offers. I can't stop that happening. I have however recently written an article which was published by Storius magazine about analysing the kind of early offers a screenwriter is likely to get;

John Ellis

Great article!

David B. McEwan

Script Revolution is a terrific vehicle. Get to see what other aspiring writers are up to and share a bit of energy and excitement. David

Bill Albert

I opened my account this morning. Going to poke around for a few days then start to load a few scripts up and see how it goes.

CJ Walley

Saw you sign up, Bill. That's a great bio you have.

Bill Albert

Ok, put my first script up. Going to do a bit of exploring and try and get used to how it works.

Jerry Robbins

I sold a feature on Script Revolution - it's in pre-production and shoots in the spring. Also had a few scripts downloaded by producers with some pretty good IMDB credits. Bill - I wouldn't worry about theft. I make sure all my scripts are registered with WGA so I can post them when they are completed, then six months later the actual copyright from the LOC comes through.

Kay Luke

FYI: WGA registration is falling out of use and it will probably be discontinued in the not too distant future, so it looks like Copyright is the way.

Pierre Langenegger

Jerry, you also know that you don't need to wait six months for the LoC certificate to arrive? When you register online, you receive your registration number immediately so you don't need to wait for the paper certificate and yeah, don't waste your money with the WGA.

CJ Walley

I agree regarding the WGA registration. Better off going the LoC route or whatever suits your geographic location best.

Jerry Robbins

Hi Pierre, I have never received a registration number immediately online from LoC. I even went in and checked my emails. All I have are "Acknowledgement of Uploaded Deposit" and "Confirmation of Receipt" emails - neither of which have anything in them about getting the registration number. Unless I'm missing something somewhere...

Dan Guardino

Jerry. The LOC doesn't email you. You have to go on their website and search your name and you should find any scripts you registered online.

CJ Walley

While we're on the topic of copyright, please keep in mind that proof you own the IP you claim to be selling (i.e a spec script) may be critical to securing any sale with some industry members. They're going to want a sound chain of title. So this isn't just about preventing theft, it's providing reassurances you actually created the material being sold.

Jerry Robbins

Well, don't I feel stupid! lol. Learn something new every time I visit here. Thanks :)

Kay Luke

I dismiss the "chain of creation" by archiving my work each day or so and numbering the versions, SCRIPT 0.01, etc, which also gives me a rough marker for changes by jumping numbers i.e., 1.10 to 1.12 is small change whereas 1.10 to 1.20 indicates a scene add or subtract.

There is no doubt I wrote the script from word one.

CJ Walley

Just wanted to add, Script Revolution literally just got its 5,000th member signing up. Thanks for all the support you guys have given over the past few years.

Bill Albert

Congratulations. Put three scripts up there so far and keeping my fingers crossed.

CJ Walley

Give time and keep hustling as best you can, Bill. The idea of Script Revolution is that you can upload your work and get on with writing, promoting, and networking without any concern that your bank balance is getting drained in the background or that you need to keep buying services to get any exposure. It's my experience that scripts can take a long time to find alignment and find champions but it's worth the wait.

Bill Albert

Thanks. I thought they had to contact you before downloading your script. Is there something I have to do or did I misunderstand that?

CJ Walley

To clarify;

You upload a pdf to your listing - any registered Script Revolution member can download it and you'll be notified by email that's happened with a link to their profile.

You don't upload a pdf - registered members will see a message telling them to contact you directly requesting to read the pdf, which you send out yourself.

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