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Script and web serie.

Hi just want to introduce myself my name is Shawn I'm a first time screenwriter, I have a written a few scripts now and working on a new one. I'm just looking for the next step for getting my script from paper to screen.

Ross Somerville

You should get in touch with Joey Tuccio at Happy Writers (found on the tab menu on here). His job is basically to aid you in getting your script from page to screen by giving advice and pushing you in the right directions. I've heard a lot of success stories and will hopefully get to work with him in the future. Also, if you think the script is at a good enough stage, try your hand at the Stage 32 Feature Contest - details on the home page; I'll be entering this year with a script I'm working on right now. Best of luck.

Spike Thurbon

I second that. I have used Joey's services myself, and highly recommend them.

Tony Cella

One easy way to move your script from paper to the screen is to type it up and connect your computer to a television monitor. Renting out a movie theater during the day and attaching it to a projector is a guaranteed way to see it on the big screen. All kidding aside, good luck and welcome to Stage 32.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Shawn, you came to the right place -- and you have already received good advice from well-respected writers.

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