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Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Script blasting services

A friend of mine who's a good writer just started using two script blasting companies, has spent $240.00 and has received seven script requests. So the simple math is about $34.00 per request. He sent me a link to one of the producers who is working on films starring well-known actors. Frankly, I've heard script blasting services are a waste of money. This includes a thread I read from this forum that was posted four years ago.

What say you? Is script blasting a waste of money or are the naysayers wrong? 

Dan MaxXx

it's only a scam when the service doesn't work for you. That being said, grifters and screenwriting businesses prey on Hope and Dreams.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Dan M: Good answer.

Scott Sawitz

What service did he use? Because a quick google search will tell you a lot.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Scott: Please share what you found out with your Google search. Which blasters were recommended. That might be helpful to other forum folk. Thanks in advance for your help.

Dash Riprock

Just wondering about the quality of the seven entities that requested the script. Were the requests from solid producers, managers, agents? Or were they from the guys that produced the Cal Worthington commercials back in the 70's?

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Dash: My pal shared a couple of the producers who requested and they were solid. One of them was involved in films I've actually heard of with actors I've seen before.

Dash Riprock

Ordinarily I'd stay away from blasts since most of the blastees never requested to be on the list. But if your friend got requests from some "made" producers, that's not a bad thing.

Frankie Gaddo

The owner said something in an interview like the secret of success for a screenwriter is sheer volume. Get your work in front of as many producers as you can.

Kay Luke

Since it's all done on the blind, who knows what's really going on?

A request is a great feel good moment, sure, but how many script request ever amount to anything? Besides, it's really not that difficult to send out cold queries on your own.

You're better off trying to build connections in my book.

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