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Screenwriting : Scripts rewritten after purchase. by Robert Franklin

Scripts rewritten after purchase.

Hello. Is it a general rule that most, if not all scripts purchased, are rewritten to some extent? Thx!

Dan Guardino

Always to some extent.

Kay Tuxford

Yes. Every step of the filmmaking process essentially has collaborative review and revision process -- screenwriting is no exception.

Doug Nelson

Yes. When you sell it, it's no longer yours. You may negotiate the rewrites/polish or not, but it's their property to do with as they see fit.

Robert Franklin


Dan MaxXx

be a Writer who directs and you can put your fingerprints (and accept the blame) on your "vision."

Matthew Pittaway

SO network with some folks and produce it yourself. If you cannot convince yourself to sell everything and follow your dream, you won't be able to convince others to invest their hard earned money in the WORST INVESTMENT on earth maybe 2nd to horse racing. ~RevPops http://www.HisHouseMedia.com

W Keith Sewell

Yeah, to some extent. After purchase, it could go through several rewrites, by you, or another writer of the producer's choosing.

Robert Franklin

Thx a lot!

Dan Guardino

W Keith is right. I rewrote a screenplay written by another screenwriter. It went through four more rewrites by four other writers and so it was rewritten five times and the producer asked me to rewrite a sixth draft. I said no way because after five drafts it was worse than the first draft. For those who don't know you don't start counting "drafts" until a screenplay is in development, production or written for hire. All specs are a First Draft no matter how many times you rewrite it.

Robert Franklin

Thx again!

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