Your Stage : Secrets in the Woods, betrayal of Arfabele by Dragana Stjepic

Dragana Stjepic

Secrets in the Woods, betrayal of Arfabele

Left behind by her mothers murder, given away by her father, and betrayed by the ones who raised her. You can only imagine the anger going through her mind, her veins, and her body. Revenge is the only thing on her mind. Lucky for her, she has the powers of a Dark Zal, the skills of a Klexon, and the mind of a human. Having the ability of using all three against the ones who cross her path makes her unstoppable, however, the more she had things her way, the more she felt like something was missing. The revenge began to feel not worthy, and the heart began to seek for something else. Why was the anger confusing her? Why was the pain playing games with her heart? Why did she feel like she was loosing even though she was gaining back everything that was ripped away from her? Well my friends, during the time of our anger we don't see the entire picture. We don't take the time to step back and think why the things happened the way they did. Most importantly, we need to take a step back and find out what is more important to us, the revenge or the finding inner peace. Kayla was definitely pushed to do some damage in this screenplay/novel, but she was also misguided by the wrong person talking in her ear. A past with scars shows future beauty marks.

This novel is my favorite thus far and it is available anywhere!

Vanshdeep Singh

I wrote a 100pg long script that has more or less a similar story line but never heard about this novel. I would definitely read it. Thanks! :)

Dragana Stjepic

That’s awesome, and thank you! I appreciate the support and that you are looking forward to reading it. Hope I hear from you after your finish it!

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