Screenwriting : Seeking for a writing partner. by Mariano Amézaga

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Mariano Amézaga

Seeking for a writing partner.

Hi guys, I'm a young amateur screenwriter and some time ago completed my first screenplay, which I´m currently trying to option to a producer. I´m in the process of writing a second script (Genre Dramedy) which once completed I would like to improve it as much as possible with the help of a co-writer, preferably with some experience in the field. Therefore, I would be happy to give him/her 25 % of the rights of the screenplay and include him/her in the credits as well. I´m expecting to travel to California in a couple of months and would be pleased to meet the writer and work together personally. Preferably I would go to Los Angeles, but not necessarily. The screenplay I´m working on is "Welcome to Yesterday" and you can see the Logline, synopsis and first 17 pages on my profile. I´m not posting this in the Jobs section because I´m not really trying to hire anybody, just looking for a partnership with no obligation, just interest in working with me and the mentioned script. Any interesteds please contact me. Muchas Gracias, Mariano

Zach Rosenau

How can someone be 25% co-writer from the off? Also, your logline sounds like Looper without explaining or expressing the "comedic" spin on the synopsis. Also, can potential co-writers read your first screenplay to see what kind of writing chops are taking 3/4th of the collaboration?

Mariano Amézaga

This 25% share is only referential, it can be discussed later of course depending on the amount of work we´ve had together. I disagree, the synopsis doesn´t really sound like Looper and I know the movie well. And, of course, people can see my first screenplay, it´s posted on my profile as well.

Richard Toscan

Mariano, you might be better served by paying for some of the reading/coverage services offered here on Stage32 (see: Happy Writers tab).

Chris Herden

Edge of Tomorrow - Groundhog Day meets Independence Day

Mariano Amézaga

I see your point Chris, but actually my story is not at all like Groundhog day.

Chris Herden

Apologies Mariano, just realised I sent that post to wrong place...

Alex Sarris

Hey Mariano, I assume you are not a produced writer ? If you were and there was more chance of this one getting across the line, then I feel more talented screenwriters would offer their services even at 25%. Sorry to say, in this situation I doubt any writers would come along and write your story for a 25% ownership. Also it is hard collaborating with a writer that you have never worked with as there will always be a difference of opinion and I guess if the 75% owner has the last say, then the 25% owner will not hang around. If you only need someone to help you write the screenplay then just get a ghostwriter and pay him/her. That Way you will own 100%. Sorry though I'm trying to be honest.

Mariano Amézaga

Thanks for the advices!

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