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Screenwriting : Setting by Annaluisa de Socchieri

Annaluisa de Socchieri


Hi there,

I am trying to write a convincing setting for a screenplay I'm working to and I am looking for examples, as I don't know exactly what to write. Is it similar to those for novels?

William Martell

Read a couple of dozen screenplays or more before you attempt to write one.

Craig D Griffiths

Yes reading is so important.

Plus setting can be a supporting character in your story. Think if Avatar was set in a desert. All that beauty and wonder would be lost.

Look at the relationships. Where would they exist?

Dan Guardino

No you don't do it like you would in a novel.

Keep your descriptions under 3 lines and 4 at the maximum. Describe only the relevant information. It is not necessary to describe every single detail. Paint the scene in broad strokes and let the reader’s imagination fill in the rest. Too much details will burden the script.

Also, when writing action avoid describing a character’s every movement. Blocking is not a screenwriter's job and extraneous character movement is distracting in a screenplay.

Like William said read screenplays. Good luck!

Doug Nelson

If you're writing for the US market - keep it simple and tight. Let all those others on the crew & cast do their jobs - they'll appreciate it.

Anthony Moore

I agree with William, read screenplays before you attempt to write one. They will give you a better idea of how you should do it.

Dan MaxXx

Here's Bryan's advice on scene descriptions. That, and reading stacks of screenplays and finding your "voice" by stealing from professional screenwriters.


Annaluisa de Socchieri

thank you so very much for your precious advices

Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova

Hi Annaluisa, a setting or settings in a movie is very important as everything happens against it. Setting has its own symbolism, so first and for most - what kind of story are you telling? Is it dramatic, comic, fantasy like, psychological, political etc. For example, you wish to write a psychological story with elements of politics in it, then your screenplay/movie can be set in a small town or a big one, in your own country or in a foreign country (if you know well other countries) or even in an imagined land not to offend anyone. Also, within the setting you can choose locations - an office, a high official residence, a villa or an apartment, restaurants, cars, and bars as well as parks, gardens, playgrounds.

For example, a local official is having a morning jog in a park not far from his villa. What does it say? It says that he is sporty, has a routine, likes to stay fit - maybe in order to keep up appearances or, maybe, for his girlfriend or, maybe, he simply has low self-esteem and jogging helps him feel better about himself. Setting and locations within it can add information, expression, extra meanings, and also symbolism to any story, for stories do not happen in a vacuum.

Phil Clarke

Annaluisa de Socchieri Some solid advice already given, but if you ever want to talk anything through, by all mean message me any time.

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