Screenwriting : Share/exchange scripts for reading by Jacqueline Hicks

Jacqueline Hicks

Share/exchange scripts for reading

Not sure where to find this, but is there a place where we can volunteer to read each other scripts (similar length suggested)? Maybe get some feedback?

Jeremy Storey

Simply Scripts, ScriptRevolution, Coverfly (sort of!!). Here!

James Austin McCormick

I've always received plenty of reviews/ comments from Simply Scripts (like Jeremy mentioned) but usually it tends to be in the first couple of weeks after posting. I've also just had a short sf script optioned and set to be made in a couple of months through Simply Scripts.

Had lots of reads from being on Script Revolution but not much feedback.

Never heard of Coverfly. I will check this out.

James Austin McCormick

Thanks Maurice

Richard Banton

I recommend Coverfly X. It's a system based on a system of tokens earned through reading scripts that you can use to "buy" evaluations. The cool thing is that there's a rating system in addition to the written feedback.

James Austin McCormick

Script mother is another one where you earn 'karma' by reviewing others scripts (for long scripts just the first 15 pages), use can use your karma credits to purchase reviews for yourself

Jacqueline Hicks

Thanks, all. I’ve used Zoetrope in the past. Well, how about feedback regarding an area of struggle on just a PIECE of your unfinished script? Say, for example, a place where we share the gist of our story and now you’re struggling with whether a character realizes he’s dreaming or not: should it be a surprise to him, or did he know all along, etc.? “What sells better?” “Let’s brainstorm it.” Or, hmm, was this done before in another movie? (“Well, yeah. That’s how Vanilla Sky actually ended.” “Oh, crap, that’s right, I knew this felt familiar! I need to change the ending.”) Do we just put those kinds of issues right here in the lounge or... do we have to finish the script and then submit to websites like the ones listed above? Thanks.

Richard P. Alvarez

It's extremely difficult to tell if a scene is working in the context of the whole script - until there's a whole script

Sure - it's easy enough to get feedback on the structure of the scene - the formatting and the emotional impact. But does it 'work' in context with your vision of the story? Can't know your vision until it's expressed. Otherwise - you're going to get the READERS vision overlayed on how they would write/direct that particular scene. It won't be wrong - per se - but will it be in tune with your vision?

Everyone has their own approach, of course. For me - when I'm having difficulty with how a scene is playing on the page - I just motor through it. Sometimes I'll even put in a note. "Need to find out why she's so upset" - or 'this reveals the reason why she felt fear in her reaction" - whatever. Make a note on the PURPOSE of the scene - and write on. Usually - a couple of scenes later - I'll have some clarity around that scene and go back and tweak it.

I'm a big fan of Thurber's "Don't get it right, get it written" philosophy. Keeping in mind Hemingways' "The first draft of anything is shit' - You're going to rewrite the first draft - many, many times.

But as I say - if it's just a structural question "How do I show she's listening from the other room - without showing her listening from the other room?" - or "How can I indicate her memories are affecting her in this scene - without a gratuitous flashback or voice over" - then sure ask away.

Rob Jones

I love Zoetrope & coverflyx the best. I have also used Talentville. I've gotten feedback here and on Reddit as well.

For a part of a script the best bet would be here or Reddit Screenwriting you should definitely get at least one person to look over some small part and give you feedback on Reddit's screenwriting sub. Reddit also has other critique subs that might give you help.

Lauren Bartling

Hi! I am willing to read your script and give feedback if you do the same for me! email me

Jason Mirch

Hey Jacqueline Hicks I see that you are not a member of the Stage 32 Writers' Room! Professional and other writers serious about their craft are constantly trading scripts and reading from their scripts live over webcast every month. Drop me an email at and I will hook you up with a free month.

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