Screenwriting : Short Scripts by Jeremy Edwards

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Jeremy Edwards

Short Scripts

Did some research the other day and came across something interesting (at least to me). I read that for some, Short Scripts/Stories can be a great "business card" for your skills as a writer if you're falling short with getting your features read for feedback or are looking to take on writing gigs -- is this true? If so, can anyone offer any helpful advice, information, feedback, and success stories with this? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :)

Kiril Maksimoski

To answer your question - it's a way to go! My opinion is that a best way (and often the only way) to start either as a writer or director is through shorts. So don't waste time and start pitching. My first and only so far script produced is a shot one.

Jeremy Edwards

First and Foremost, Thank You for the insight and response! I will definitely get started ASAP and pitch ASAP also! Also, congrats on getting a script produced....I'm sure that had to be pretty rewarding.

Anthony Cawood

Hey Jeremy... I decided when I started that I'd concentrate on writing shorts to learn the craft, formatting, structure etc... that was 18 months ago and so far I've , had one produced (and one I made myself), two are in post production and I've sold/optioned another 10 short scripts - oh and won a screenwriting award along the way. I've written a series of articles on what I've learned, resources I discovered, tips and techniques etc - they're published on SimplyScripts but collected on my website too at Hope they help and good luck with the writing. Anthony

Jeremy Edwards

Anthony, thanks for the insight and advice! I am about to check out your site here sometime tonight.

Danny Manus

If you are producing or directing those shorts as well as writing them then yes, shorts are a nice entree into into writing. but it is not normally how Writers are discovered. Writer/Directors - yes. But the short is usually about the director more than the writer...

Jeremy Edwards

Danny, thanks for your advice and insight! Kinda got that vibe too that Directors prosper more but I'll still give it a shot

Richard Toscan

Just seconding Danny's comment on the difference in options available to a screenwriter vs. a hyphenate writer/director. What drives the Sundance shorts category is all those hyphenates (or hyphenate-hopefuls) who are both writing and directing and often producing their own films. And they're doing this in hopes that the short will be seen by a producer who will then 1) ask to see a feature script they've written and 2) love the script and agree to let them direct it.

Dave McCrea

Danny is right - short scripts are a director's calling card not a writer's

Dave McCrea

I think short scripts are harder to write than features as we've been watching features since we were 5 years old. I've seen thousands of features. And about 20 short films.

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