Screenwriting : Should I include the cinematics of the opening scene in my script ? by Stephanie Fernando

Stephanie Fernando

Should I include the cinematics of the opening scene in my script ?

Hey everyone! I am writting my first ever script and I would like to know if the opening scene like the cinematics should be mentioned in the script or if it is more of the director's job?

My short film takes place in New York so I'm wondering if I should mention the shots in the opening scene that kind of sets the movie in my script?

Thank you in advance :)

Avery Rouda

I would include them as a SERIES OF SHOTS - let me know if you have questions! :)

William Martell

Do what those two or three dozen screenplays that you read before trying to write one did.

Stephanie Fernando

Noted! Thank you for your replies :D

Tasha Lewis

See Stage 32 resources.

Craig D Griffiths

Yep read is the best advice.

This is my way of approaching it.

“Does the story still make sense without it?” If Yes leave it out.

The only time I have had establishing shots that didn’t contain my characters was a contained horror with a Voice Over.

Rosalind Winton

My opening scene takes place in Poland in 1905 and I introduce one of my main characters, by having her walk down the street I'm describing. I have people round a rustic fire pit, I have children playing, cobbled streets, dank, cloudy day, dilapidated houses, a poor area.

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