Screenwriting : So you want to be a ScreenWriter !!! by Alex Sarris

Alex Sarris

So you want to be a ScreenWriter !!!

Thought I would try my hand at a BLOG and hope you guys get a Giggle out of it. Enjoy and please let me know what you think.

Ed Beach

Hey Alex. I read this from Writer Arena earlier in the week but figured I'd reply here. I did get a laugh out of it in several spots. The stuff that happens early (short scripts that get attention making you feel like you're on the right track) and other similar early in-the-game experiences are what I'm going through now. It was funny to read from the perspective of what was actually significant and what may well be a false since of getting somewhere. With me, though, these things are happening in a condensed timeline (I think I'm going through your first 3 years in about 6 months.). The other key is- I have a career that I've always wanted. Some stories have recently sprang to my head, I've turned them into scripts and now I'm wanting to see how far I can go in getting them produced. Along the way, I plan to share with scripts with a few others to read just to entertain them. And that's it. I really do feel for people that have the dream of being a full time TV / film writer and go through the cycle you've described. Same with the ones that went to school just for this and try to fight the masses to get something produced. I've been fortunate in that my actual career is one of those jobs that a lot of people would think of as a dream job (even though I didn't get as far as I'd hoped in my 'day job' I had a couple of near misses in making it big). It's much easier for me to approach the writing process as a 'bonus' and feel good about giving it my best shot as opposed to the heartbreak that must come with a 'pass' to those that view this as the career they most desire.

Alex Sarris

Thanks Ed, Glad you got a laugh and thanks for taking a read. I have to say a keen screenwriter really does need a passive income in order to survive. Have had comment from other posts that the Blog is right on the money. I enjoyed writing it and that's all that really matters. once again thanks.

Alex Sarris


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