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Don Zorbas

Subject Line

Hi friends, What should you put in the subject line when you're sending out query letters?

Don Zorbas


Don Zorbas

Who in there right mind would ask for money? And for what to read a script?

Becca-Chris M

I have heard a variety of things. Definitely include the script's title.

Laddie Ervin

Sending out script query letters is a legitimate way to get your work noticed. Don't let someone else's previous failure dissuade you.

Danny Manus

There are 3 ways you can go w subject headings... 1. If you have a referral to that person, put that in the subject heading. 2. if no referral, then either write the title (which better be awesome & intriguing) or 3. Write something that will make it stand out like "Page finalist comedy script" or something that makes it found like it has buzz.

Kristopher Rickards

I wrote a pitch to one of the commissioners at UK's Channel 5 on Monday. Revised it, reread it, rewrote it. It was something I thought to be succinct and comprehensive. I press send. Then I realise - (No Subject). The email's gone straight into his spam bin. Or he saw it and immediately presumed I was clumsy and/ or incompetent. Anyway, I think you should put "Programme Proposal : TITLE"

Shari D. Frost

Lisa Scott - LOL!!

Don Zorbas

Thanks folks!

Becca-Chris M

Danny- #3 is a really good idea.

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