Screenwriting : Submission Insanity: Getting Rejected? Then Do these 5 things by Vince Conside

Vince Conside

Submission Insanity: Getting Rejected? Then Do these 5 things

SUBMISSIONS INSANITY: Getting Rejected? Then Do These 5 Things
SUBMISSIONS INSANITY: Getting Rejected? Then Do These 5 Things
Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Getting rejected can be hard. Sometimes it's obvious what we've done wrong, but more often it can seem completely random. After all, if your…
Bill Costantini

Mmmmm.....chocolate ice cream. Scriptmag is one of my faves, too! Nice share, Vinnnnnnnnnn-cenzo!

Matt Hurd

Now I want ice cream...I blame Bill. Still, great share, Vince - especially for folks who are submitting to our Pitching services or Coverage!

Vince Conside

I just went out and bought some Chocolate chip cookie dough - Bill you Bastard

William Martell

I just had ice cream... and everything in Lucy's article is right on the money. Usually when you aren't getting requests to read your screenplay it's the concept. I always say "check your bait". If there are a million scripts in circulation, why does your concept make yours that one in a million? Then, once they ask to read it - the story and characters and writing have to make it that one in a million all over again. Plus - this is a business! That means your story has to be something that millions of people all over the world would pay to see. When I was doing pitch coaching at Sherwood Oaks College, I'd take the Sunday entertainment section of the LA Times and when someone had a problematic concept I'd ask them to find a similar movie in the entertainment section. Usually they couldn't - and that was the real problem. No one made movies like that because no one would pay to see them. This is easy to do (before you write the screenplay - it will save you wasted work) - take a look at the top 20 films for every year in the past decade on - what are the films like your screenplay? What was the path those stories took to get to the screen (if everything like your story began as a play, your path is to write it as as play. If the similar films began as novels, your path is to write it as a novel). This is a business, so start to think of it as a business. Hey, if you have to write some non-commercial script just to get it out of your head - write it! Just don't expect to get many reads or start a career with it. Yes, there are exceptions to everything - those are the hard way.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Thanks for the link, Vince. I just bookmarked it to read again and again when I'm ready to submit.

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