Success Stories: JUL'27 Success from ‘Happy Writers’ and my pitch resulting in 2 calls, and a Script Request!

Success from ‘Happy Writers’ and my pitch resulting in 2 calls, and a Script Request!

I tend to get involved with many topics in the lounge, and enjoy the ideas and motivation more than the average bear; but sometimes, the greatest feat is achieved when we shut out our own thoughts, and take the advice/suggestions from our peers. Thank God for .Joey, and the Happy Writers, I’ve gained some ground. In a recent post, there was an individual that had asked about our experiences with pitching here at Stage 32. I remember stating that my first attempt, not only flopped, but I lost that battle even before I accepted the phone call. I was not prepared, and I embarrassed my ego. Nevertheless; in hindsight, that failure was nothing short of a lesson in ‘ACTION’ on my part, and it has brought me to today’s rant of pure positivity and excitement. Two weeks ago, I noticed that Tiffany Boyle, from (RAMO LAW) was available, and knowing that the company she works for was at the top of their game, I took a shot, pitching my latest script: ‘Noble Means’ to her, and took the advice from Joey, and Brandon by keeping it personal, and loose, instead of a nervous choke, I was able to talk about my Script, my history, my story, and have room to take her questions. After the initial pitch, (over 2 weeks ago), I was introduced to Tiffany, (via; group email), for the follow up on my initial conversation. Tiffany set-up a phone call with me for the following week, and what was initially expected to be a quick reminder of who I was, and what my script was about, it turned out to be a 45 minute conversation, and her ultimately requesting my script! I want to apologize for taking so much white space in this post, and making it a chore to read my experience; but I wanted to share my perception to anyone who might be (questioning themselves, or their content) and state that without the ‘Happy Writers’ with Joey’s facilitating abilities, there’s no way I could have wished my script to a better company to evaluate my project that I’m so passionate about. Please accept the help that this community provides, and do yourself a favor, repay your projects and passions by allowing them to be seen. In closing, I only hope that I can remain humble enough, long enough, to continue to allow people like Joey and his crew to continue helping me as a writer… Steve

David Levy

Just keep calm under pressure and have patience. It will all come together. COngrats on a great experience!

Stephen Barber

Thanks David, 'calm is contagious.'

Don Dobrez Jr

Great stuff Stephen! I am getting prepared for my first pitching and your story helps tremendously. Thanks!

Stephen Barber

THAT is great stuff Don! Don't overthink your process... Trust in the reason you wrote it. Listen to Joey, and email him or Brandon for support to prep you. It'll all work out, (much better down the road than you could think it). As writers/creators, with our stories and our characters; we don't think our way into right action, we behave our way into right thinking. This is no different than you taking action on pitching your stories.

Tracy Price-Thompson

Awesome!!!!! Congrats!

Stephen Barber

Thanks Tracy!

Dash Riprock

Way to go Stephen.

Stephen Barber

Thanks Tom!

Michelle J Kenoyer

Congratulations, Steve! Yes, I agree that Joey's input and advice are helpful. I have yet to do a phone pitch; all of my pitches thus far have been the written ones, but I think I'll take a chance one of these days and do a phone/vocal pitch (or two, or three). I have a feeling that the more we practice, the more we'll get better at presenting our work effectively and communicating our ideas. Best wishes with Noble Means! I hope to see it on the big screen someday. :)

Stephen Barber

Thank you Michelle! I think the most important thing to think about when making your choice to pitch, (Skype of phone), is that we must maintain our open mind and be coachable in just how to deliver ourselves to the professional, and let that remain as the strength of your story. If you're happy to be YOU, they will see that and want to know what YOU have created.

Michelle J Kenoyer

That sounds like solid advice for anyone, Steve. :) Don't be afraid to be yourself.

Stephen Barber

Kathryn, You've seen me come from the far!

Emma J Steele

Great post, Stephen! Congratulations on every step you've made and good luck with the next stage!

Stephen Barber

Emma, you rock! Thank you.

Phil Parker

Way to go, buddy! Best of luck!

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Way to go!

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