Acting : Suggestions for a play for 2 women in their 30s by Ayca Ekim

Ayca Ekim

Suggestions for a play for 2 women in their 30s

Hi writers, I am an actress from Amsterdam. I am looking for a play for 2 women (me and another actress). playing rage 28-35 yrs, a contemporary play around 1 hour. If you have any suggestions on where to look for, I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot in advance:)

D Marcus

Look at "The Audition" by James Johnson and "Collected Stories" by Donald Margulies . Not long enough (it's a one act) is "My Middle Name is Angry" by Ashley Nader.

Kenneth Hughes

I suggest you Improvise and workshop your own original project. Do what is deeply personal to you and then have lots of workshops of it for guests to critique and help grow it. It's a lot more work but you have a greater chance of doing what you are passionate about and making something that you really personalize to and grow from. Here is your working title: Women of Amsterdam in their 30's. (not great but its a start!)

Ayca Ekim

@D Marcus Thanks a lot. I cant wait to check the play you suggested.

Ayca Ekim

Thanks Kenneth. That's a great suggestion. I love the idea of writing my own stuff. I actually started writing short film scripts with a group of like-minded actors this year, though nothing finalized yet. Who knows maybe I can grow one of the ideas into full plays? Never thought of having workshops with guests and grow the story with them. Thanks again:)

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