Screenwriting : Superhero Movies: DEADPOOL by Tao Ryan Moua

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Tao Ryan Moua

Superhero Movies: DEADPOOL

So I was trying to find a way to help me trouble shoot my superhero story and this is what I found in DEADPOOL. The main plot (plot A) in DEADPOOL is actually a love story, and the subplot is the superhero story because the "inciting incident" is when he meets the girl. Anyone or any superhero writer agreed? Deadpool is about a guy in love who is mad after finding out he has cancer and tries-to-cure-his-cancer gone wrong turned him into an ugly freak, but turns out his lover is okay with it, and he's happy. - The End. (SPOILER ALERT, please watch the movie first then come back to give your thought) A ex mercenary named Wade Wilson is working as a hero helping the little people; hint he rights a wrong her boyfriend has done to a girl. One day, he meets a beautiful girl whom he falls in love with like a little girl (when guys are in love, we can be like little girls too). But then one day he suddenly collapses after making love with his girlfriend. The couple sees a doctor and finds out Wade has cancer and will die. At his friend's bar, he meets a mysterious and creepy man who offers to cure his terminal cancer. Wade is reluctant at first, but then he decides and leaves without telling his girlfriend. It turns out the operation not only cured Wade's cancer permanently, but his body can self-heal and regenerate lost limbs. However, a mutant doctor named Francis has turned Wade into an ugly mutant freak. He tries to get back to his girlfriend, but he's afraid to face her as a freak. Wanting to get back to his his love, a mad Wade goes after Francis to change him back. But the doctor escapes and comes back for revenge on Wade by kidnapping his girlfriend (I got lost here -- why does the doctor, Francis, wants to kill Wade Wilson? No clear goal. I'm skipping plot C which involves Colossus trying to get Deadpool to join the X-Men). Wade goes to save his girlfriend. Finally, after he has Francis pinned down, he finds out there is no cure. Wade remains a freak permanently, and his girlfriend is upset with him for disappearing. But after having saved her, and getting him back, she accepts Wade as he is -- an ugly freak, and they kiss with a happy ending.

Erick Mertz

I felt like the story was "about" Deadpool getting his moxie back. He was a good looking guy who was a wise cracking type who lost that edge, that bravado, that belief.... Yada-yada... acceptance from the girlfriend got him that back... All in all though, I thought that movie was unique but ultimately a dead end in so many ways.

Tao Ryan Moua

No Peter, I don't follow the comic character because he was never one of my favorites. But I thought it was interesting how they structured the plot this way and released it on Valentine's Day. That's why I posted this question to see if anyone else sees it this way. Because I only saw it once I wasn't sure if I got the plot. I will have to re-watch it more times when it comes out on DVD. This is how I see the plot: Plot A is the love story. Plot B is the getting his body fixed (which is part of the whole idea bout becoming a superhero - he now has power, but he's ugly and the question he has is "will my girlfriend accept me this with this look?") Plot C is about Colossus trying to get him to join the X-Men.

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