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Edward Goree

TV Pilot Trailer

What do you guys think about making your own trailer for your Pilot or spec? Do you feel a visual will gain interest from an executive or manager to request to read your script? As a filmmaker and writer, I made a trailer for my Tv pilot "VINDICTIVE" . Please let me know what you think.

Karen R. Hardin

Not bad. Do you know how to film a sizzle reel for a reality show? I'm looking for some help on one. In box me if you're interested.

Kelly Krause

Great job, Edward! I'm new to the industry, so I cannot offer any advice RE trailers for pilots or specs sadly, though I personally feel visuals are always helpful... Have you considered putting together a pitch deck? My understanding is that these can be great tools to present visuals and plot/character synopses at a low cost to the creator. Really enjoyed your synopsis for 'Vindictive' by the way... Strong and well-written. Good luck and keep us all posted on your progress!

Edward Goree

Thank you, Kelly. I've created a TV bible that breaks down each character, plot and the tone of the show. I wanted to create a trailer because many people don't them and I wanted to show my filmmaking side along with my writing.

Dan MaxXx

I shot a 2min trailer of a spec feature I sold to Lions Gate Home Video Division. No agent. I did it on my own. Anyways Lions Gate didn't care for a trailer. They just wanted the script. The concept on the page is what they wanted, not my 2min trailer I shot in 1 day with 3 friends.

I viewed your trailer and there is too much talking, not enough action. You have 2 Actors standing for about 30-seconds talking and talking. Very static. The camera composition doesn't look right. You have the female in a single close-up shot and the male (the Hero) in a 2-shot composition. Visually it makes the Hero less imposing than the female.

Perhaps you can Voice Over part of the dialogue from the parking lot with showing more action, more of the world of the Hero. Who is he? What is his goal? Associates?

Good Luck. Keep pressing. If nobody buys it, shoot it yourself and upload to youtube mini TV series.

Edward Goree

I appreciate the detailed breakdown, Dan. You're right, networks, production companies or whoever wants what's on the page. I just thought it would be cool to do a simple trailer for free that wouldn't cost me any serious money. But, everybody is different when it comes to viewing content. I have a contact with a guy at The De Laurentiis company and he really liked the trailer and TV Pilot I wrote and is he helping me make connections in the industry. But, I really like your attention to detail and observation. Would you share with me on how you got your trailer and script seen by Lionsgate? I'm always looking for different avenues on ways to approach things differently. Thank you

Dan MaxXx

I met a Guy at a gun range and we had mutual friends, he worked at Lions Gate in marketing dept and agreed to read my action script. I sent him a paper script , 2 weeks go by and he calls me out of the blue and tells me he liked my concept and will pass script to his Bosses, 3 more weeks go by and I get a call from a lawyer working for Lions Gate. they wanted to buy my script. I wanted to direct so I shot a 2-min trailer of my vision. They didn't care. They just wanted my script and none of my involvement. They sent me a 20-page contract. My lawyer and their lawyer went back and forth for about 2 more weeks. I agreed to terms. Sold. I got a check and I was immediately fired. Welcome to small-time Hollywood of cable/DVD world. These baby sharks are killers too! :)

Edward Goree

Wow! That's great and unconventional at the same time. Baby sharks or Big sharks at the end of the day they're still I like to hear stories like yours. Wish me luck as I enter the deep waters of what we call Thank you once again...

G.R. Barnett

I'm actually working on a trailer for my web series at the moment. I just have to get the funding for the animation. The script and voicework is done.


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