Screenwriting : Team Up With ME.... by Andre Miller

Andre Miller

Team Up With ME....

Looking for writers and individuals who are interested in teaming up on a Movie for TV for disney if anyone out there is interested... Created as the lead writer and the deal is already in place pending a script. Opportunity to hit mainsteam just need some help too many projects going but willing to share the wealth!

David Attar

I have experience with MOW structure and format. Also love light hearted, family Disney tone. More info? I can be interested!

Audrey Ero

What kind of script are you looking for?

Don Thomas

I have a 40 page short for which I received a lengthy consultation from reputable script consultant who had also worked for lengthy amount of time as a film producer for Disney. During the discussion they suggested that with a little work and expansion it had the making of a quality Disney Television movie. Excellent family friendly project. Two of us working together, we could have a tight polished quality script in a couple of weeks that would be perfect. Although I do not as of yet have IMDB worthy credit, there is a large group of individuals in the regular publishing and comic book industry world who would willing vouch for my ability to be a highly valuable collaborator when it comes to creative endeavors.

Jeremy Hunter

Send me the synopsis, if you need a grade A script I`ll make sure thats what you have to present to Disney and nothing less. The sooner you send me that synopsis the sooner I can get started, I could have a rough draft script finished in a couple days just to show you my ability and dependant on that you can make a decision if you want to work with me or not.

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