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Screenwriting : Template for Script Anyone? by Sharon Sinclair

Template for Script Anyone?

Does anyone know where I can find a template for the script of a film? Its all over the place at the minute and doesnt look very professional. Thank you

Sharon Sinclair

Thank you Sam, that`s really helpful

Sharon Sinclair

Thanks......Does 4k count??!!

Richard Toscan

It also helps a lot to read scripts of produced films in what's called draft versions, not shooting scripts. Drafts are closer to what screenwriters actually wrote before directors got their fingers all over the pages. Reading these is a fine lesson in structure, story, and character. But this is also a good way to figure out the quirks of professional screenplay format. One of the best sites for free pdf downloads of screenplays is http://www.simplyscripts.com It's one of the few sources that attempts to tell you what versions they have (draft or shooting).

Leontien Parlevliet

Hi Sharon, You can also contact one of my friends Eelco Jellesma. He´s a computer expert and he creates templates for screenwritng. He´s on Stage 32.

Sharon Sinclair

Thank you everyone for all of your help and advice. It is very much appreciated

Melonie Zarko

Great conversation packed with useful links. Thanks Sharon for bringing this discussion up. My screen play, as it's getting up there in page count - feels like it's a mess and all over the place too.

Sharon Sinclair

There have been some really useful comments. I have a friend who has offered to take a look at my draft script as he has recently taken a screen writers course - and I figure that it will be useful to have a second opinion. It`s sometimes hard to take a step back from your own work and be objective. Good Luck

Sharon Sinclair

Thank you

William Martell

Use all of those screenplays you read before writing yours as an example.

Jeri Angel McGwin

I like the screenwriting resources page of the Nicholl Fellowship (the Oscars screenwriting competition).

Lynn Wilkinson

I don't have anything to add to the original question, but I loved the answers and the resources. I looked at each one and found something useful in them all. Thanks

Alvin West

Hi Sharon. I've used a script program called Celtx. It was very helpful when I was in school. https://www.celtx.com

Leontien Parlevliet

Well, the template for screenwriting . one of my friends made , is free and is good.

John Heavey

Final Draft is very good but you can also download many scipts for free from "Drew's Script-o-rama" on line, so you could pick one which is similar to your type of story. Sometimes help with pace, tone etc.

Sharon Sinclair

Thanks John. I`ll check it out

John Fraim

The comments are all good Sharon on screenplay writing software. I use Final Draft 9, the industry standard. If you are looking how to structure a script I would advise looking at Save the Cat structure. See our website at www.desertwritersgroup.com for many helpful links.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

I've always used Final Draft... I can't live without it. Easy converting your scripts to .pdf as well. If there's a screenplay you'd like to read ... let me know... I have many.

John Fraim

Same here Sylvia. We have many screenplays in our group of about 25 members and busy reading and discussing these at our meetings.

Valerie Hill

Final Draft is great I use it all the time but go to BBC Script Writers Room and they have a template with good info.

Leontien Parlevliet

I´ve used Celtx and my script turned into a mess. Fortunately, it was a copy. I´m very satisfied about the template of screenwritng one of my friends made. It´s very easy to work with.

Cherelynn Baker

I've used Celtx and the format was good until converted into PDF and then it became a mess!

Dan Guardino

Cherelynn. You might look at the time when the question was asked. This one was two years ago so the odds are pretty good she found what she was looking for. Just a suggestion.

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