Anything Goes : Thanks RB! by Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat

Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat

Thanks RB!

I just received a mail from RB who encourage me to become an active participant and build relationship ... with 80000 other screenwriters. Great!

So in your opinion, how many among them already sold or will sold a script during their whole life? up to 100?

How many have connection with the industry and will help you to pass the gates?

Well RB, I have no time enough yet to write, rewrite, and build relationship with the people who can really help me going farther into the industry.

Nothing more valuable to say at the moment.

Dan MaxXx

less than 10 people here will ever have a studio funded movie or create an Emmy winning tv show.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Fewer than 10? Do you say that because of the inadequate loglines & scripts you have read on Stage32?? Dan MaxXx

Dan MaxXx

LindaAnn Loschiavo i am going by simple math. In any forum. Or Class. Or film school. Less than 5% will make filmmaking or writing into a career job and less than 5% will climb Mount Everest.

Casey July

Some time back I posted a similar status and got attacked for it. I pointed out that with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube....etc to start with... how does posting and reposting your profile all over the internet help anything if no one is actually looking at it? For me, everyone speaks to me like I am 18 years old and just left home, when I am a grown women who has been working in my craft for over 18 years, and my field for over 10 years. I am so jaded by "networking" at this point...

LindaAnn Loschiavo

"Posting and reposting your profile all over the Internet" - - heck! If that's all it took to be good at NETWORKING, then I would hire a monkey to repost my bio. But it takes a lot more than that, i.m.o. :-)

Casey July

My point exactly! I have been building my "resume" for years now. But it does you absolutely NO GOOD if no one gets off their computers and works with people face to face. I have heard, "Send me your profile/ resume in an email...." more times in the last 2 years then I have since I got on line in 2009. Then I SEE people places who I have "spoken" to on line and they don't even "know" who I am. HELL, I went to a networking event on Sunday and had that happen. People in my area that I know and have worked with, and I could tell that looking at me they had no idea who I was! I have not "had coffee" with a possible client or project manager in over a year. And when I do finally get a face to face scheduled they CANCEL, and cancel, and cancel...... I have people ask me all day long in PMs "Do you work over Skype?" I make freaking costumes/ clothing for God's sake... NO I can not work through the computer or over the phone. That is not how this works. THAT IS not how any of this works!

Richard Gustason

I got the same email. Nice of him to send it and will do when I can to drop by and say HELLO to you fellow scribes. But, like a lot of you, need time to get projects off the ground so not being on here as much is part of the nature. Hopefully he and everyone on here understands that.

Andrew Sobkovich

Actually Dan I believe the number on Stage32 may be higher just based upon folks I know who are members. Stage 32 is somewhat more targeted than a general purpose anti-social media site, so that is not unexpected.

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