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Pj McIlvaine

Thanks, Stage 32

Last week I was a hungry screenwriter, but had no representation. I'm still a hungry screenwriter, but thanks to Stage 32, I connected with Babz and got the call every screenwriter dreams of: we love you, we love your writing, your voice, we get you. Even more, we have an option offer on the table for one of my scripts--and this all happened in the space of ONE DAY. Unbelievable. Thanks again, Stage 32!

Richard "RB" Botto

Congratulations, Pj! You may not realize it, but we go back a couple of years on Done Deal. And let me say, based on your selfless, consistently educational posts over there, this could not have happened to a nicer person. You've always been a master at networking and there's never been a doubt as to your writing talent. Thrilled for you.

Pj McIlvaine

Thank you for the kind words, Richard. I am a firm believer in Karma and what you do good comes back to you. :)

Brandi Self

Hey PJ, congrats! What was your method, if you don't mind me asking? Did you query individually or did you post?

Bodroux Mokwasi


Pj McIlvaine

Brandi, I reached out to Babz with a query here and it went on from there. :)

Brandi Self


Brian Wareham


Franz von Toskana

Who's Babz?? I need one for my Pleez...

Bill Joyce

Congrats! Pj! We all wish you the best of the best.

Denise Cruz-Castino

Congrats PJ! So happy for you!

John Ward

Congratulations PJ! Great news. Best of luck

Audrey Noone

Congratulations PJ! I look forward to seeing you work produced!

Henry Ede Eze

Congrats. Well deserved.

Gretchen Elhassani

So awesome! Congratulations.

Jalynn Venis

Fabulous news! So happy for you and this inspiration!

Dee Chilton

Brilliant, go get 'em, keep on keeping on, and well done to you.

Rick Hardin

Congratulations! So very cool! So how did you do it? Did they find you or did you seek them out?

Pj McIlvaine

Combo of both. I posted, and Richard RB kindly pointed Babz in my direction. I messaged her, and bingo! Spontaneous combustion!

Kris Kemp

Congratulations! Please email me: I want to hear the details! Please! I'm a writer, too. I've written a screenplay, a musical, and am currently writing my second screenplay, that I'm very excited about. I have 5 other screenplay treatments that I'm developing, too. I would love to get your advice and hear about how you met Babz. Congratulations! - kris

Richard "RB" Botto

All it takes is one "Yes"...And working at it every day. Getting yourself out there. Being visible. Making connections. Paying it forward. It all matters.

Michael J. Hitchcock

Fantastic! Congratulations on the win. Your news is very encouraging.

Sherie Suter

Congratulations!! :)

Ozzie Stewart


James Holzrichter

Congrats!! Keep up the wonderful writing.

Philip Michael Laaveg


Lee Jessup

congratulations! that's great!!!

Don Santiago


Pj McIlvaine

Thanks, everyone, the kind words and support, it's almost overwhelming. I still can't quite believe it and keep pinching myself to make sure it's not a dream.

Ozzie Stewart

You deserve it all. You had done the heavy lifting in not giving up on your dream, irregardless of the challenges

Eve Morton

Congrats! I hope to be where you are soon.

Pj McIlvaine

Thanks, John! And our mutual "Sir" thanks you too.

Genevieve Donaldson

Congratulations, PJ!

Cheri Dodd

Congratulations! My southern TN family doesn't "get" my screenwriting dream. Don't you have to be in Hollywood? Stories like yours (connection through this site rather than an LA bar) give me hope...and will hopefully keep them off my back a little longer so I can keep writing! :-)

Dena Mckinnon

Congrats to you! I wish you every success! Write on!

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