Screenwriting : The 5-minute Oral Pitch is my Achilles Heel. by Jill A. Hargrave

Jill A. Hargrave

The 5-minute Oral Pitch is my Achilles Heel.

Since joining Stage 32 last May, I've discovered that I have difficulty honing my pitching skills so I can present a great 5-minute oral pitch. I am a member of the Writers Room and thanks to Brooklynn Fields and Nick Assunto, I've been able to practice this skill and hear other writers' pitches every Thursday night at 7:00 pm PDT. This is only for Writers Room members, so if you want to give it a try, why not contact Jason Mirch, Director of Script Services, by e-mailing him at and request a 30-day free trial. I'll be pitching my adapted screenplay for the first time this Thursday so if anyone has tips on how to crowbar a 2-hour screenplay into five minutes, I'd love to hear from you.

Julia Petrisor

practice! :) LOL but yeah, practice. But within that, understand exactly how much time you have and what the person needs - ie when I pitched with Stage 32 I had 8 minutes to cover the material and I believe add why I wrote it. But for AFM I had 2 minutes. I got it all done in 2 minutes, and I got it all done for the 8 min. pitch. Be precise, hit the key beats of each act, add a blurb about why you need to be the one to write it (again, if that's in the parameters of what you are looking for.) Don't get carried away with details. One thing I did that was helpful was rewrite my synopsis across various sizes, so I have a "short" synopsis ready, i have a "full synopsis" ready, etc. If you just emphasize the key story points in each act I believe you'll have it. Good for you for practicing and keep it up!

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