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PJ Edwards

The Feedback Loop

I took a little break from rewriting to read through a script and provide feedback. I actually learned a lot giving feedback on other scripts recently. Things like what to avoid or just seeing how other writers solved problems. I'd recommend doing so if you can!

Craig D Griffiths

I had a friend that was a talented actor. He sad he didn’t realise what he knew until he taught a drama class. Teaching or helping other solidifies your own knowledge. You are 100% correct you also learn from other’s mistakes.

Rosalind Winton

Another screenwriter and I swapped scripts and made notes on each other's work. It was an amazing experience and we both learned a lot from doing that. Getting another perspective on your work from other writers is something I would highly recommend.

Tasha Lewis

Would love your feedback on my projects. View my profile page.

PJ Edwards

Andrew Bruce Lockhart I used to feel the same way but I had to change my perspective on it. You are not saying these things to tear them down, but to lift them up. I do it so they have info so they can jump into rewrites with new ideas and maybe find something that didnt occur to them before.

Dan Guardino

I used to give feedback and got tired of wannabe screenwriters arguing with me or try to explain why they did something stupid and not getting a thank you for wasting my time.

Tasha Lewis

I want all the feedback and suggestions to my projects given. We learn from one another.

PJ Edwards

Dan Guardino The people I've shared with have been nothing but nice.

Mike Taime

PJ, thanks for doing this. It always nice to give feedback from others, that is how I see it.

Dan Guardino

PJ. I'm glad people you shared with have been nothing but nice. Personally I wasn't talking about sharing I was talking about giving some aspiring screenwriters feedback on their screenplays. Some where nice enough to thank me and there were a few I never even heard from again. Those are the ones that made me decide not to waste my time.

I'm glad some people like doing it but I'm not one of them.

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