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William Gunn

The Final Answer

Hi, Does anyone have an Agent they can recommend? If so, that would be great! Thanks!

Victor Titimas

I think this is a difficult question because the contact information is not easily available..

I think getting an agent is hard because they do not want to be bothered, they want writers who are ready and wrote good screenplays..

This is why many people ask the same question. I read some contests are judged by or promise introductions to agents, but you have to win them first! :(

Tracy Lea Carnes

It's very tough to get an agent. And even then they don't necessarily do for you what you want them to do. You might do better obtaining a manager first. There are so many that do pitch sessions on here. Hone your pitching skills and try there first. If you make a deal with a management company or anyone who wants to produce you, then you can make a call to an agent to negotiate the deal. That's probably the best way to go about it.

William Gunn

Thanks so much for the info.

Dan MaxXx

Start knowing writers and filmmakers. That would be my plan than to chase reps. It’s a relationship business. But I wouldn’t start new relationships with “read my script” or “sell my script.” That’s just a turn-off.

William G Chandler Jr

I did learn to get an agent you must have found solid features finished

William Gunn

Thanks for the advice.

Danielle R Erlich

Agents and managers actually throw out unsolicited scripts. It goes straight into the trash. Go on Linkedin and begin adding the agent's assistant. Don't pitch yet. Develop a relationship with the assistant. They are normally aspiring agents who are waiting for their promotion to an agent. When they are promoted, you will have a relationship already set up with them.

Bill Costantini

William, four very accomplished managers are hearing pitches next week here on Stage32. That's pretty impressive - maybe you should start there?

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, William!

William Gunn

Thanks everyone..Great advice

Dan Guardino

I got an Agent by picking up the phone and calling up all the different agencies after each script I finished. You might try using one or two of your screenplays to attach a known director or action director to screenplays. Getting an agent is not easy but if you want one bad enough just keep trying until you land one. I do agree with those other people that said it is easier to get a manager so that might be your best bet. Either way I wish you the best of luck.

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