Screenwriting : The Struggle by James Oden

James Oden

The Struggle

Hi! So, I am struggling to just sit down and write. I can't find the motivation, I can't just sit still to do it (ADHD), and I just keep getting distracted by other things that aren't even anywhere near as important to me as my writing. Help?

Kiril Maksimoski

Nothing to help're just acting human :)

Eoin O'Sullivan

Hi James,

A GOAL without a PLAN, is just a DREAM.

If you want to write (not just actually typing, the full process of story and character creation, outlining etc), you need to structure your day and week. If you can only commit to 30 minutes, or 1 hour, pencil that in to your diary and commit to it.

Thom Reese

Sometimes my way out of that writing funk is to 1) turn on some energetic music or 2) start writing something new. Just anything. Just to get those juices flowing. Freeform random thoughts onto the page. Then, when you feel like your reset button has been pushed, jump back into the real project you're working on. Hope this helps.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

To quote Thomas Lennon, "There's no such thing as writer's block. Just have a glass of wine and start writing, you idiot." Which I don't think is entirely fair. Depends on the personality.

For me, it's hard to be motivated when I'm doing it just to do it. Imposing a deadline might help you out. I get the most excited to write when there's an objective. One time I rented a cheap theater space a month out to do a live table read of a script I hadn't finished writing yet. Invited people. Cast it. I had to have it done by then. Forced myself into a corner, but I loved making it an assignment.

J. S. LaVail

ADD -- I'm off the charts even when medicated. Instead of sitting down to type, try writing five- to ten-page sequences, or even short scenes, in your head while doing other things. Work out the permutations. I do it visually. When I'm comfortable with what I've got, I sit and type what I see onto the page. You don't need much to make a kernel that you can obsess about for a half hour and you put it on the page, then voila, a few pages done. You know your ADHD better than I do, so make chunks you can handle. Leave the document open on your computer.

That said, I've done very little writing in my life, so caveat lector.

Vic Burns

I suffer with ADHD too. I need to write in busy rooms. Coffee shops, bars etc. Ironically, I find it less distracting with more going on around me.

William Martell

Self discipline.

Daniel Smith

A scene a day will keep the block away, works for me. I don't try to do too much in a day and I try to keep it bite sized and manageable.

David Grant

But, you just wrote this... so.

Steve Cleary

I procrastinated on a rewrite for six months and decided to just let it go, but going back into the special world my script was set in (collecting seaglass on the beach, in this case) I got reinspired when a new line or plot twist popped up in my mind out of nowhere. The subconscious is always at work. I've learned to trust it :^}

Bill Albert

Have you thought about a dictation software. It would limit how far you can travel but it would provide some freedom of movement.

Louis Tété

Confined yourself in an environment without any distractions and set your mind to it. I do write in an environment surrounded by distractions but i simply set my mind on writing and ignore everything around me.

Dan MaxXx

use Drugs. nobody asks writers to pass drug tests.

Anthony Moore

Write multiple scripts at once. When you get distracted from one, move to the other.

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