Screenwriting : The Year Ahead! New Shows, Pilots & Pitching:) by Jose Holder

Jose Holder

The Year Ahead! New Shows, Pilots & Pitching:)

Hey All! Love this community and wanted to share my experience during the past 12-month marathon, in large part to the energy and resources here on Stage 32. In 2021, I embarked on a steep learning curve to absorb as much as I could about tv producing, as a means of facilitating personal projects, my writing & directing. At the 7-month mark I was pitching to tv execs, and by the Fall I somehow managed to receive two LOIs (Letters Of Interest) from Canadian broadcasters. Those triggers led to pre-development funding from the Canadian Media Fund/Telefilm to write creative docs, arriving just in time for X-Mas. During that period, a short horror script I wrote won a few awards on the festival circuit, and now, in 2022, I've found myself in an even better position to write two pilots, a pitch bible, and the framework of a series for my streaming IP. This all began because I wanted to learn about tax credits and funding envelopes. Lol. Mind blown;)

When I was promoting my first award-winning short REDRUBY that played at Hollyshorts in 2018, I met RB who was giving a seminar at the TCL Chinese Theatre in L.A. He inspired the heck out of me, which led me here–to Stage 32's unbelievably informative writing and pitching webinars. Rest is history. More updates as I pitch more shows through my prod co. Steelwalker Productions Inc., and deliver my scripts as an aspiring writer in the tv space. When I'm not writing or planning the next project, you'll find me at Warner Bros Games on the next instalment of the Batman franchise. Cheers!

MB Stevens

Awesome 2021, Jose. You'll have a better 2022, I'm sure. Onward and upward.

Jose Holder

Thanks, MB! Learning in motion:) Always forward!

Maurice Vaughan

Congrats on the success, Jose Holder. Thanks for sharing it with the community. I'm looking forward to seeing these projects (as well as your future projects).

Jose Holder

Many thanks, Maurice. And congrats on all your successes as well. This is indeed a great place for screenwriters and creatives of all types.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Jose Holder. You're right. It's a great place to connect and support each other.

Billy Kwack

Hey Jose, you done a lot of cool stuff, are you looking for anything?

Art Thomas

Jose Holder This place is the best. I know this year will be a great one for you. Let me know how I can assist.

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