Screenwriting : The correct POV by Christopher Binder

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Christopher Binder

The correct POV

How do you determine which character's perspective your story should be told from and why do you think some writers and directors misfire when it comes to this? What are some of your favorite examples of films that told their stories from the wrong character's POV? How would you have told those stories differently? Two recent examples from me personally would be Suffragette (should have been Emily) and Sicario (should have been Alejandro).

Dan MaxXx

Well, i didnt like POV or VO in GONE GIRL. The movie stopped when Ben Affleck's character finds out the Wife was faking her kidnapping. I think that was the hook of the novel, the Wife speaking from "the grave"? Hmm, maybe I'd script as a COLD CASE with the Detective discovering Wife is alive ?

Pierre Langenegger

A film is the protagonists story, it should be told from their perspective.

Sammer Abu AlRagheb

Dear Christopher, My advice is letting your character tell the story. Which character, is up to them, the characters. I hope this helps. Best of wishes

Sammer Abu AlRagheb

by characters I meant the main ones.

Kevin Little

I'm drawing a blank on bad choices for the POV character but I do disagree on the suggestion Alejandro would have been better suited in Sicario. He was an "insider" who knew the true nature of the operation, while Emily Blunt's character was like us, the viewer, an outsider through whom we learned the truth, piece by piece. It created a sense of mystery/discovery that we wouldn't have been privileged to otherwise. There are many examples of this technique in film, from The Matrix (Neo) to Platoon (Chris - Charlie Sheen) to Dead Poet Society (Todd Anderson), to name a few. For Sicario, to work from Alejandro's POV would have been a completely different story. Or perhaps that's the implication you're making? If so, I have heard there was (is?) some consideration to doing a prequel focusing on Alejandro's journey from lawyer to when the first Sicario begins.

Dan MaxXx

how about 2 POVs? Batman V Superman.

Christopher Binder

Dan, one could feasibly argue BvS is mainly Batman's POV.

Christopher Binder

I will have to see the Ultimate Cut before I render my final verdict.

Doug Nelson

When your story is projected up on the big screen, it's seen through the eye of the camera so that the POV is that of the audience. I've watched many films in which emphasis has been given the wrong character – actually, that's fairly common. Documentaries are a good example; Scenes are projected with voice over narration – we never see the speaker but the story is presented from his POV. I guess I really don't understand the question.

Christopher Binder

Dan- After seeing the Ultimate Cut last night you could now argue that Supes doesn't get stepped on and that the story is more balanced in how they view each other. Batman still has the biggest character arc in the film though. As a whole the film still has some problems but is vastly improved over what was released back in March.

Christopher Binder

You can get it on Amazon for 19.99.

Stacey Stallone Stefano

interesting !

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