Screenwriting : Thought I'd introduce myself by Harry Kakatsakis

Harry Kakatsakis

Thought I'd introduce myself

First time posting. I didn't realize there even was a screenwriting lounge. Is there an open bar?

I'm a writer/director focusing primarily on screenwriting now. My passion is writing content with monsters and superheroes, focusing on theme-heavy horror and horror/action. One of my latest pieces, which is funny enough romantic dramedy with a touch of speculative fiction, is the feature "American Fallout." It's about a greedy gas station owner who convinces a doomsday prepper to help him prep his station as a global incident threatens nuclear war...and they fall in love. It's been doing relatively well in contests, having come in as a runner-up in the 2020 Storypros contest, and having placed in over 20 other contests to date.

I will be concentrating next on compiling as many varied low-budget horror ideas as possible to have them in my repertoire when reaching out to production companies that specialize in horror.

Thanks for your time.


Jason Mirch

Hey Harry Kakatsakis Great to have you here in the lounge! To answer your question, YES there is an open bar but it is BYOB.... Sounds like you have a great project and romantic projects are in high demand! Sounds like it is some quirky fun.

Funny you mention the Horror projects. I am excited to launch someone very soon from one of the biggest horror companies in the industry. Keep an eye out for that. And of course you should consider entering New Blood. Our Final Deadline is coming up soon on that.

Now that you now the lounge exists I hope to see you in here all the time! The community could benefit from your insights and advice! Feel free to contribute!

Monica Mansy

Hi, Harry! Welcome aboard! And, yes, Jason's right, open bar! Also, we actually do HH every month in Pitch Tank Practice in the Writers' Room (byob - over zoom)! haha! I love the concept of your story! Please consider adding the logline to your profile - it helps others find it, rate and review it. It's a great way to polish up your logline (and for me, logline skills!). Anyway, don't forget to jump in the different lounges (there are several) and contribute away! Pro-tip, the "Education" tab has a ton of webinars and classes... all awesome and under "Script Services," you can find development and script services from exec's in the industry from Universal, MGM, Mandalay Pictures, HBOMax and more! And, if you wanna check out our Writers' Room, where we practice pitches, learn about the craft and business, give and receive script coverage, hold table reads (have our own private lounge and of course, HH!)... I could go on, for a free month, please email Jason Mirch (, the Director of Script Services (who commented here)!

Harry Kakatsakis

Thank you. All incredibly helpful advice.

James Welday

Welcome, and pleased to meet you, Harry! If you ever need any feedback or notes, please let me know.

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