Screenwriting : Thoughts on who's loglines you should rate and/or comment on? by Dustin Quinteros

Dustin Quinteros

Thoughts on who's loglines you should rate and/or comment on?

So I've been exploring the site and have really enjoyed some of the interactions I've had with writers about their loglines however; how do you determine who you're going to take serious? I've seen everything from spot on to "has this person actually heard the term". Then there seems to be a minority of users who just post, after post. I personally don't post unless I have a final draft or at least a completed script that's registered and copywritten. How about you?

Daniel E. Hall

I have some kind substance behind all of the loglines I have posted. The majority have at least a few scripted drafts behind them; some I would even say are more or less ready to go. That being said a few are still works in progress. For me, I guess I use loglines to gauge interest in my work for feedback and possible collaboration. Though I wouldn't just put a logline up with absolutely nothing to back it up.

Aray Brown

My loglines are testaments to what I’m currently working on, what I will work on.

I usually search for loglines that fall in the same genre. I tend to rate them as if it’s something I want to see

Barry John Terblanche

Members posting their comments and adding stars to your logline on your profile page is great for you the writer to get feedback on it... Maybe then rewrite your logline- a better one. Thing is that after you then repost a new and better logline. A producer scouting around... sees all the negative posts made to your previous bad logline. I feel a member should be able to delete logline posts to his every script. ?

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

Everyone here is at a different level. There are new writers, there are pro writers. So to answer your question, you can take them all as serious, as that's most likely how they were intended. Everyone learns differently and at a different speed. For the ones who post and post, I used to do that too but on a Twitter account just to practice logline writing back in like 2012. I would pop out 4-5 a day.

Jim Boston

Dustin, I understand where you're coming from when it comes to posting loglines. Me, I don't want to post a logline here (as well as on Script Revolution and Network ISA) until the corresponding script is completed and also registered with WGA.

And posting on Script Revolution has taught me to hold my loglines to 35 words or fewer.

Craig D Griffiths

I don’t post loglines here. I probably have in the past. I do post over at which gets reviews. But I haven’t done that in a while either.

I have a word doc with about 50+ loglines. But that is for when I need to kick start the brain.

Louisa Kendrick Burton

I just updated my logline posts for all my completed scripts. What I like about posting on Stage32 is that there is a variety of people who can see the post. If you're just on a logline site then someone has to be thinking "I want to read loglines today, I think I go to???" IDK. We are all finding our way I guess. I put back up just a few days ago and got reviews and a few comments.

Chaun Lee

I've gotten valuable feedback here on Stage32 for my loglines, which inevitably helped me nail them. A lot of veterans on the site have provided me with excellent feedback as well when posting questions about writing and receiving feedback, which has also helped me grow. You should consider joining the Writer's Room to get feedback on your loglines and your work. Best of luck to you!

Dustin Quinteros

Thanks everyone for responding. A lot of interesting insight. Barry John Terblanche you bring up a great point but there is one advantage, you can always go back and change your rating. I, with the help of a couple other members helped someone workshop their logline. I originally rated it a 1, but luckily the gentlemen was very open to feedback and I changed my rating to a 5 by the end of the process.

Barry John Terblanche

Dustin, you can't go back and change your rating. Yes, you can improve on it by rewriting and posting a better logline based on the good (negative ratings) advise given by those that posted to it. I reiterate when I say; It's a good concept of having members comment to your logline. Especially if it's a constructive negative with reason and advice on why and how to write a better one. That is after all the objective, Right? Maybe not...? Some members may not like you, think they are better, or just right down nasty? And they slap you with a one * Now, let's just say... You have ten comments to your logline? Four are *** with constructive advise, from the members you have gotten to know, to know their comments are valid. The other six are * or ** from those mentioned above hereto. You gonna end up with an average of **. Now, you rewrite and post a stella logline. Who will know and come back to re-rate your new improved logline? Most definitely not those that gave you a * or **! As such, there is nothing you can do about it. You now have a ** to a great logline. Personally, I'm fine with it cause I know who is who, who posted, and it gave for me writing a better logline. A scout will not know this. Scout will only see ** = no interest in what may be a really good script? This all said, puts fear in me to want to post my loglines. It be great if S32 could tweet it in a manner that allows us to delete the "damaging - unconstructive" comments/posts to our loglines. And or maybe allow us to delete the entire logline post and start afresh with a new (improved) logline that members can comment/post to. I'm not saying keep delet and repost to your contempt... No. Stuff that up (your second chance), well then that's on you. PS: I'm not been disparaging here. S32 rocks!

Dustin Quinteros

Barry John Terblanche you certainly bring up some good points. I do know you can change a rating you've given however; I haven't paid attention to whether or not it changes your old rating or just adds a new one. No site is perfect, but yes some type of refresh or distinction between revisions would be great. I have also been the "victim" of retaliatory ratings which is one of the reason why I posted this question.

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