Screenwriting : Time to make it happen. by Ashley Stone

Ashley Stone

Time to make it happen.

I, like most, have a wavering relationship with writing. It often falls to the back burner until some new spark of hope ignites my drive again. While solving a puzzle in an activity book last night, the secret quote solution appeared and could not sum up my mindset more going into the new year. It read: "miracles, when aided and abetted by determined action, do happen." I've read the statistics, I know what I'm up against. I've tried my hand at a few routes, got lucky right out of the gate and sat back for some time and watched my lucky break turn cold. This year is about action, stepping out of my comfort zone and making those "miracles" happen (even is that means building up the courage to do a verbal pitch!) Good things come to those who go out and get them because I've been waiting and that's not working. Who's with me?

Dan Guardino

Ashley. Good for you! Waiting for something to happen usually doesn't work. A lot of people don't like stepping out of their comfort zone but that means there are less people doing those things which means less competition. The statistics are misleading so I never really paid too much attention to them. Good luck!

Jorge J Prieto

Totally agree with you, Ashley. Joey Tuccio, president of happy writers here , had the same questions posed to us. Pitching face to face, although I have not done it due to lack of technology, is gotta be easier than written. I spend hours and days working on a written pitch, send it and was told, it still had typos. I couldn't see them, even if you put a gun to my head and second the pitch format was wrong. Where the hell can someone find copies of written pitches of any screenplay? Even a script from 60 - 80 years ago??? Does anyone know??? Damn FRUSTRATING! Now I can laugh, after getting that out of my chest. Thanks, Ashley, for your post !!

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

JUST KEEP WRITING!!!! yes, pitch, practice pitching, dream, dream big, but most importantly, JUST KEEP WRITING!

Dan Guardino

Jorge. Normally you just send a short cover letter and a fairly brief synopsis. I've managed to option a few scripts that way. I had pretty good luck calling production companies and asking if I could send them a synopsis or a screenplay first so that way I am not sending them unsolicited material. If someone does call first and get permission you should always write REQUESTED MATERIAL in the subject line if you are sending it electronically or in big letter on your envelope if sending it by regular mail. If you want to send it by email makes sure you ask them first.

Jorge J Prieto

Thanks , Dan. I'll start fresh with another screenplay. Written pitches, short and sweet, until I get a tablet or good camera smartphone. I am so behind in the technology. Thanks again, buddy, your advice means alot.

Debbie Croysdale

Your right @Ashley. We need to keep moving forward with a pro activity bubble. Do the pitches. Then another one. Some people over think and analyse pitches, and this leads to heightened nerves. I've been there, when I was young I can remember going on stage trembling from head to foot, but still got the exam I was being tested for. Hope to hear of your 2016 pitches.

Dan Guardino

@ Jorge. You are welcome. If you need a letter as a sample I can send you one my Agent uses for my screenplays.

Jorge J Prieto

@Dan. Thanks, that would be great. Send it to: at your convenience or PM it to me here. I Google film pitch and could not find examples. Btw an option screenwriter here tells me to never give away my ending, contrary to what I hear from JOEY and many of the guest industry speakers. I'm going bananas here and I'm laughing at the same time. Thanks again, buddy.

Ashley Stone

So just got news on one of my pitches and it's a pass. But got some feedback and excited to take that into my next pitch. It always stings a bit when it's a pass but I just have to take it forward, shake it off and improve!

Jorge J Prieto

@ Ashley. Did you give a comparison of your screenplay to already produced screenplays. Example: Predator is Alien meets Terminator. Did you do that and did, that back fired? Also did you give away your ending? Thanks.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

@ Ashley - "a pass" does NOT mean much. All it really means is that the wrong person read your material. So keep writing and keep pitching.

Ashley Stone

@Jorge: I was going to list two titles that were similar in tone to mine but in the "tips" section of pitching to this person, it said something to the effect of don't dwell on comparisons because they wanted to feel as this was something new so I deleted that section out. I did give away the ending. Something I may or may not do again. Seems to be a personal preference and can't always tell who prefers what.

Jorge J Prieto

@ Ashley. Thanks, greatly appreciated. Best of luck to you, always.

Tony Huynh

Carry on Ashley! Indeed, stepping out our comfort zone is always something hard to do, because we are afraid of being judged. I took this decision this year by taking drama lessons, and I just love it! So go on, do what you love to do, nobody can stop your dreams :)

David Levy

Stay positive and keep writing. FInd your voice. The only way to truly grow and learn is to step outside ones comfort zone. You can't make waves unless you rock the boat somehow. I've received many PASSes. Just take it and learn because that YES could be the next pitch. Keep up the good fight moving forward!

Aray Brown

I'm with you Ashley! time to get what you want and what you deserve

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