Screenwriting : Tips on how to get a referral by Amber Brown

Amber Brown

Tips on how to get a referral

Hey guys :) Does anyone have any tips that worked for you or someone you know on how to get your completed script into the hands of a gatekeeper in the industry who can refer it to a decision maker i.e. an assistant? Maybe an unconventional method or a conventional one that actually worked.

Considering that you do not have any personal contacts within the industry and are starting from scratch...

Phil Parker

That's why websites like Stage 32 were created - to help you get your stuff in front of assistants (or higher) who might pass it up the chain. It only works, though, if you find that person who loves it as much as you do.

As for unconventional - I remember hearing how the screenwriter of Johnny Mnemonic tossed his script over Keanu Reeve's hedge. It worked, even if the movie didn't. ;-)

Dan MaxXx

I was at a gun range minding my business and I met a guy who was a development exec at Lions Gate. He said to send him a script. I did. And the Son-of-a-Gun liked it and passed it “upstairs” to bosses and about 7 weeks later, they bought my script (buyout) and fired me the same week! Very professional.

Your bio says you’re in NY. You’re in prime location. Go meet people. New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center is in September. Money & decision makers in attendance. Attend opening night’s party. Gotta do your own hustle.

Pamela Bolinder

I pay a lot of $$$ for serums that prevent wrinkles—these responses give me stress lines!

Jenna H

Ask around, You never know who you might know by separation! I learned last night that I went to high school with someone that is now a lit manager at KP!

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