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Anything Goes : Tired of blockbusters by Vaughn T. Stanford

Vaughn T. Stanford

Tired of blockbusters

I am tired of the summer blockbusters. It has become synonymous with mindless entertainment. I would prefer to see something that provokes thought and discussion. Can anyone think of anything I can look forward to or do I have to revert to Netflix?

Carlos Pena

Besson's "Lucy" with Scarlett J. looks very promising!

Vaughn T. Stanford

I totally agree with you. When is it coming out?

Carlos Pena

Release date is July 25th.

Vaughn T. Stanford

Alle, are these for indie production? When you say they are coming do you mean to a cinema near me?

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Vaughn - you're preaching to the masses here (in a good way!) We all agree with you. Check out The Young Kieslowski which just won the best audience award at the LA Film Festival. Or, Maps to Stars (produced by a Stage 32er), that was nominated for best film at Cannes. Or, a fun documentary is Hiro Dreams of Sushi.

Demiurgic Endeavors

Signal starring Laurence Fishborne looks promising.

Vaughn T. Stanford

I just checked IMDB for a trailer but there wasn't any. Where can I see one for Signal?

Vaughn T. Stanford

Julie, thanks for the recommendations. I will look into them. If so many people are tired of the same old stuff from Hollywood, why are they still making so much money? Are we a minority?

Carlos Pena

Blockbusters still pack the theaters. I'm also looking forward to: The Equalizer w/Denzel, The Judge w/R. Downey Jr & Robert Duval, Gone Girl w/Affleck, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and Whitey w/Depp.

Graham Giddy

Give me a blockbuster, I will give you my money. Love that feeling leaving the cinema with tingling ears from the loud sound, floaties in the eyes from the special effects, brain still confused about the story line and why actors can't talk normal instead of screaming at each other. Doesn't matter some home I can't wait till the next one.

Crystal Zoe

I'm interested in "Lucy" with Scarlett Johansen. However, my primary interest in the movie is the overall concept of the movie (or at least what I'm hoping is the concept). It looks like a sci-fi-super-duper-hot-damn take on my perception of what enhanced consciousness and elevated awareness can accomplish or affect. I think that the human being and consciousness can have profound affects on the particles that we're made of, and that surround us. "Lucy" seems like a loud and in your face way of getting such ideals out into the mainstream...... aaand it's still pretty dang flashy and blockbuster-y....

Michael Lipscomb

Say what, Cyrstal?

Christopher Binder

Boyhood, Birdman, Interstellar, The Disappearance of Elanor Rigby, Gone Girl, Child of God, The Zero Theorem, Inherent Vice, Foxcatcher, Winter Sleep, Mr. Turner, Mommy, Goodbye to Language, Life Itself, etc.

Janet Biery

Just had a unique experience last night. Family came, great niece of 3 had never been to the movies. My daughter advised against Malificent - torture and lots of screaming, and new Dragon movie, father killed. Both are PG rated . We went out to Earth to Echo. Kind of a Stand By Me vibe combined with a Blair Witch sort of camera thing. She was mesmerized. Seemed to enjoy the film. Very enjoyable evening. Oh, we could have gone to the Plane, Car thing but none of the adults could stomach the idea. Thing she liked the most besides the popcorn was standing in front of all the great cut-out props, one for the dragon movie another great one for the new Transformers. Sorry to be so chatty. Just wanted to share.

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