Screenwriting : "To follow-up, or not to follow-up?", that is the question. by Jackie Letkowski

Jackie Letkowski

"To follow-up, or not to follow-up?", that is the question.

In the past, when an agency or management company requested one of my screenplays, I would submit the requested materials and wait to hear back.

(I never bothered to follow up, because my school of thought was that these companies are very busy, and will only reply if they're interested.)

However I was speaking to a friend of mine, who also works in the industry, and he had a counter point to my logic: Once my materials are in their hands, I have every right to follow-up on my property. (As long as it's done professionally, and I've waited an adequate amount of time.)

Recently, I had the good fortune of having a TV pilot requested by a reputable literary management company. It hasn't even been 2 weeks since I submitted it, (I understand that it is way too soon to follow-up now.), but my question is... Do I follow-up at all? If I do, is 2-3 months a good amount of time to wait before following-up?

Thanks in advance.



W Keith Sewell

Jackie, thanks for reminding me... I have a followup due at a rep prodco/mgmt co. I like what your friend said... thanks!

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