Screenwriting : Today's Wish and Creative Tip by Laurie Ashbourne

Laurie Ashbourne

Today's Wish and Creative Tip

Give your characters space. This is more of a technical tip, but it does play into the pacing of your script's read and the potential appeal to talent. When writing action blocks keep it to the action of the character you want the audience to be watching. When another character does something break that out into another action block. When all the characters of a scene are crammed into one paragraph it is very difficult to be engaged by any single one. In addition, on set, actors are given sides -- little mini script pages highlighted with their lines and action. So imagine being an actor having to follow broken up highlights in a bit of action because every other line in the action is dedicated to someone else. Here is a fun little video about a diva and their space. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I've got a boatload of work ahead of me. :(

Leona McDermott

Another fab tip. Thanks. Creature Comforts. Loved that series. Forgot just how good it was.

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