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Craig Prickett

True story vs inspired by actual events/based on actual events

About a year ago I wrote a true story about the Battle of Matera had a few working directors and screenwriters read it.They all told me to develop the 2 subplots within it one a mafia story and the other about a young Jewish girl all the main characters are involved in hiding and protecting.I'm a few weeks away from having the script to the point of involving professional feedback. But I've been told if I have more than 10% of the script that I can't prove actually happened as written the studio lawyers won't let you use the term TRUE STORY.Just wondering peoples thoughts on this.

Title Bella Cia The Beautiful Goodbye

Logline A young man in Matera Italy 1943 must convince the entire town to fight the Nazi occupation to protect a little Jewish girl,based on a true story.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Kacee DeMasi

How is this different than other Jewish movies - The logline can be a max of 25 words, who is the young man? who is the little girl? to answer your question Inspired by real events.

Kiril Maksimoski

"Based on (extraordinary - this is the punch line) actual events"

Dan MaxXx

At this stage, why would you even concern yourself with hearsay from "studio lawyers"? Just finish the screenplay; it's a sample spec screenplay until it ain't.

Tony S.

There's no rule about loglines maxing out at 25 words.

Based on a true story, in 1943 Italy a [adjective - righteous, principled, patriotic?] young [partisan, better descriptor than man] man fights the small town residents planning to turn a Jewish girl over to the Nazi occupiers.

From a Google search. Which is closest to yours?

Based on a true story means that the facts of the events will likely be true, or close to true, but they might add some dramatization. Inspired by true events means that there might be some similarity to real events, but they aren't held to any requirement that they reflect how something actually happened.

Based on a true story will show those events, but then add in details to make it more appealing or dramatic. I.e. John falls in love with a woman who is dying because she can't afford medical treatment. So he go into the bank and pulls out a gun and demands money to pay for her to get treatment and in his stand off with the police his last request is that she get treatment before he succumbs to his bullet wounds after being shot down.

Inspired by a true story will likely involve a man walking into a bank and demanding money, but beyond that all details can be changed and contorted to create an interesting story.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

Dan has a point. Not sure there's a reason to worry about it right now, also with the way lawyers operate, 10% will somehow end up being subjective. On another note, not sure CIA is an Italian word. I took it for 7 years and am Italian, but I'm still shit at the language. If you want it to be the beautiful goodbye it does need "la" before bella and then I believe arrivaderci is the formal goodbye. Ciao is informal bye and goodbye, as it's a general greeting, so the meaning is lost in translation. Not positive though, could very much be wrong, but worth looking into if you're not fluent.

Doug Nelson

Tony; Oh what blasphemy is that! Of course you know that any script submitted with a logline exceeding 25 words in length must be rejected out-of-hand as being unworthy of production. And those having loglines of less than 25 words are highly doubtful. Geeze after all these years you haven't learn't that. (lol)

Tony S.

Mea culpa. Logline challenged, learning disabled blasphemer it is.

Man, more rules flying around here than Trump flags last week.

Craig Prickett

Nick Assunto Bella Cia in the title refers to the famous partisan song and that's how they write it,Regarding my concerns about True Story is based on I don't want anyone who may be interested in it due to it's true story claim to drop it because by their definition it isn't.Waste of their time and mine.Tony S. thankyou very much for your information very informative.

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