Screenwriting : Two TV writing contests that offer Fellowships and Mentorship by Regina Lee

Regina Lee

Two TV writing contests that offer Fellowships and Mentorship

I posted recently about my own feelings about Mentorship opportunities for those interested in "breaking into Hollywood." (I realize that not everyone on S32 has interest in Hollywood!) That's why I'm trying to raise awareness about two distinctive and valuable Mentorship programs. 1) S32 recently held their TV Writers Fellowship submissions period. I would like to congratulate all the Semifinalists! 2) The CineStory Foundation, a NONPROFIT. I'm a volunteer Board member and I will be reading Finalist scripts this month in preparation for final round judging. (I do not make a single penny from CineStory.) From the CineStory website: "Structured like the CineStory Feature Retreat, the CineStory TV/Digital Series Retreat will take place over three days in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild, California. Attendees will receive three one-on-one, one and a half hour sessions with CineStory mentors during which they can discuss everything from the project they submitted for feedback to jump starting their writing careers. TV Writers will experience what it’s like to sit in a professional writers room run by an experienced mentor. Digital Series will attend panels to discuss the best way to produce their projects. In addition, mentors and writers will gather for meals, drinks, screenings and other special events." *** The retreat may have a waitlist for non-finalists who want to attend.

Bill Costantini

We live in a world that is pretty harsh for most people on a day-to-day basis. I really admire people who can find the time to be charitable and to help others. Thanks Regina, all the Stage32 Mentors, and all the CineStory Mentors. And good luck to all of the Stage32 Semi-Finalists and to all of the CineStory Finalists!

Regina Lee

Thanks, Bill! If there's space at the next Feature Retreat (around September), you should attend!

David Levy

Kicking myself in the ass for not entering the S32 TV Writers Fellowship. Never know until you try, and I didn't even do that.

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