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Eric Boles

Veteran Advice

Hey, everyone! I’m looking for some advice from our veterans here. I submitted a screenplay for coverage, and the reader gave me a consider for both project and writer, with a few items to work on.

I have since worked on those things and let a few people I know read it and give me their notes. I believe that I currently have the script in a nice place.

Would you recommend that I submit for another coverage or another service that Stage32 offers? Or is there another route or piece of advice you’d give?


Dan Guardino

If you are happy with it why? However this is coming from someone who never pays for feedback or notes.

Maurice Vaughan

Hey, Eric Boles. I like to get more than one person's feedback on a script, so I suggest another coverage feedback.

If you're looking for more feedback and help developing a plan for the next steps (for your script), I suggest a Feature Script Read/30-minute Talk with Executive (

I had a great Feature Script Read/30-minute Talk with Michael Wormser (

Molly Peck

Hi Eric, Maurice's advice is great. I'd also like to add that if you do decide to order another round of coverage with Stage 32, you'll be eligible for the Lookbook. If you receive at least one Recommend, you'll be included in our Lookbook that is sent to over 400 industry pros who can request to read your script. We've had some great successes from it this past year.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Yes, do get a new pair of 'fresh eyes' on it. And this person should be someone who knows storytelling, structure like the back of their hand.

Sam Mannetti

Hi Eric, I am the Director of Development Services at Stage 32. My team and I would love to point you to all the resources we have to offer on Stage 32. Shoot me an email at and let me know a little more about your script and your goals! Always happy to help.

Eric Boles

Thanks for the responses, everyone! I definitely want to get another pair of trained eyes on it. And Sam, I will be in touch!

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Eric Boles.

Clive Martin

No. I’d spend the time and money on attaching key talent. If the premise is sound, someone will pay you to do any further changes once you have development funding.

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