Your Stage : Was I wrong for dropping this idea? by Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson

Was I wrong for dropping this idea?

A year ago I had an idea about a college aged gay detective solving crimes around his city and learning how to love himself again. I told my friends and a few online buddies and they all told me it was awful, poorly written and very cliche due to the gay element I added. I always wanted to write a detective story or a short story about crimes and solving them. but since my friends and online buddies didn't like it I just stopped writing it and hid it in my idea notebook. I didn't think no one wanted to read about a gay crime solver or detective since they all told me it was a awful idea when they first heard it. Was I wrong to stop writing it?

Hayden Howard

If you keep writing and learning more about what will make your writing better and its what you like to do then it'll will never be wrong to have written anything. maybe don't add an element of a character just to have that element and instead if you Want that character to be gay make it meaningful and explore what that means for that character whether or not that is the main focus of the over all story.

Tony Cella

Did they read the screenplay or the idea?

Kyle Climans

It depends on how you wrote it. I feel like it might work better if he didn't have to come to terms with his gayness. If he's proud and out, and his being gay isn't a big issue, then it might work better. One of my friends in the LGBTQ community once said she was sick of so much "gay angst" with LGBTQ characters in shows and movies. It always consumes them and defines their characters rather than being part of their overall character.

Edward A Haynes Jr

Everyone has said everything that I would have to say, except I can tell you that it's not wrong to have tried writing anything. Think of it as a learning process, that you can use to improve your abilities. Whether your friends like it or not, ask them for some honest feedback and learn to correct anything that you feel you need to.

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