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Rich Hynes

West Side L.A. Writers Circle

Hello all. I'm a writer on the west side of Los Angeles looking for a few fellow screenwriters on this side of the 405 to get together with once a week for social and career support purposes.

We all know that writing can be a bit of an isolating endeavor. I'm looking for 4 or 5 up-and-coming screenwriters — feature, television, short films or the web — who have written more than one script and who would like to get together regularly. I'm picturing a few hours a week to sit at various coffee shops or bars (whichever the group prefers) and talk socially about our week both personally and professionally.

Professionally, we would of course take turns submitting things for review and discussion but also we would discuss submission and networking strategies, both successful and not, and likely the industry in general. Whatever we find pertinent or happen to wind up on after a series of amusing tangents. Also, knowing writers, I'm betting discussions concerning movies, television and favorite books would find their way into our conversations as well.

Personally, just a weekly checking in and catching up. A nice — and hopefully lasting — social circle to be a part of as we live our lives here in Los Angeles. Just much closer to the beach than all those fools living east of the freeway.

If you're interested, add me to your network and message me here at Stage32. We can exchange email addresses and talk. I look forward to hearing from everyone who's interested.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Rich. This may be better placed in "Meetups." See under "Browse." ;)

Patricia Poulos

Hi Rich. Wish I was there.

Rich Hynes

Thanks Beth. I just created a group and posted a meetup.

Patricia Poulos

Hi Rich, Welcome to my network. My crazy computer took off before I had a chance to send you a 'welcome' email. So, welcome.

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