Screenwriting : What GENRE do you write best in? by Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

What GENRE do you write best in?

Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Action, Romance, etc. On your marks. Get set. SHARE!!!

Mitch Bechtold

Trying to figure that out now.

It seems like comedy is coming the most natural to me, but I keep trying to get a good action script going. It's not a problem with the action scenes, I think they read well, but it's more an issue of building up suspense between the scenes.

Dan Guardino

They are all the same to me.

Jess Waters

Drama is something that I think I do well. I really enjoy character driven pieces though, so I think that's why I'm drawn to a more "grounded" genre.

Derek Reid

Drama. Drama with some comedic elements. Maybe a little Sci-fi. That's really all of the genres that I either have much interest in or an aptitude for.

Pamela Bolinder


Chad Stroman

Not sure yet. I'm pretty sure I can write sci-fi/action/adventure and have intent to write some historical event scripts. Not sure if I can attempt comedy or drama but might give it a try down the road.

Kathryn L. Scurry

I'm a Thriller / Drama queen. I love the plots with twists and turns.

Doug Nelson

I tend to hang out in the comedy/paranormal/light drama with a little thriller thrown in sometimes with a little romcom. Basically I have no idea which genre is my 'best'.

Constance York

Dark Drama, but with humor.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Thank you all. For me Comedy is King.

Myron DeBose

Horror and.. more horror to my shock!

Peter Roach

I write sci-fi/fantasy cuz I am a physics geek. Also I don't have a romantic bone in me, so I could never ever write 10 pages of a When Harry met Sally.

Rachel Teo

Fantasy. Definitely fantasy.

Callum McKay

Drama, but specifically historical drama. Our collective past is one big resource pool, even eras that have been done over and over again have new perspectives or new stories to tell. But more than that, there are always great stories that have been buried under everything else that's happened since. Digging that story up and telling it is my favourite way of creating a drama, or comedy, our past is ridiculous after all.

Owen Mowatt

cyclelogical frillas

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Thank you "HAPPY WRITERS ". Keep the shares going!!

Krista Crawford

I love horror but I'm finding that I write better at comedy so I'm working on combining the two.

Tom Freyer

Based on true stories.

Carl Hippensteel

Romantic comedies

Pamela Bolinder

Tom - Yesterday, a friend brought me a manuscript that has been written by the person who was the go-between guy in dealings between a President of the US and another leader in another country. He wants me to write about what happened. The person who wrote the manuscript it is dead. I plan to speak with his wife to get permission (in writing of course) to do this. Is that the right course of action?

Laura Scheiner

Pamela Bolinder You should probably speak to a lawyer - even if you get permission from the wife there can still be legal issues regarding the portrayal of other real people in the script.

John Iannucci

If i wrote a horror script - it would be literally a horror!

Pamela Bolinder

Thank you, Laura. Will do.

Jorge J Prieto


Aray Brown


Roberto Dragonne

Drama & Horror.

Laila Doncaster

CleanRead RomanticDrama LiteraryFiction

Ray Norman

Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Action, and Romance. Thanks for asking.

Tracy Lea Carnes


Katya Stiletti

Creative non-fiction, cyberpunk, political thrillers, comedy and drama

Barry Duffield

Action, Horror, horror/comedy.

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