Screenwriting : What Screenwriting Exercises Do You Do? by Bill Lonero

Bill Lonero

What Screenwriting Exercises Do You Do?

I know everyone has their own unique things they do to hone their screenwriting. I am currently writing a treatment of my movie script into a TV adaptation. This will give me more options to develop the characters, their emotions and their conflicts internally and externally. It will also force me to develop more of a back story.

What do you do to hone your skills?

Dan MaxXx

I enrolled in an acting class.

Doug Nelson

Daydreaming out in the hammock with a beer works for me.

Wal Friman

I'm writing a screenwriting book as exercise. No kidding.

Jurgen Wolff

Creating a logline for every new idea, trying it out on friends to see which one prompts the most curiosity and interest.

John Iannucci

I agree with Doug. One arm curls with a Heineken

Michael L. Burris

Procrastination mixed with fiddle farting, beer, good um; "inspiration" discussion, oh and getting distracted by beautiful women. You know mostly healthy stuff. Well; except for maybe the last item I mentioned.

Kevin Carothers

Outlining. As far as the outline will go.

My tombstone is going to read “WHAT COMES NEXT?”

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