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Screenwriting : What are you working on? by Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

What are you working on?

Hey what's everyone working on while they're trapped at home?

RT Herwig

I'm at home holding down my 9-5 but also doing some rewrites on my feature script SURFING IN AFGHANISTAN. What are you doing to pass the time?

Kevin Jackson

Currently trying to finish and animation commercial project but I also hope to finish re-editing a feature film script

Maurice Vaughan

I'm pitching short scripts, finishing up a screenwriting job, outlining a short script with a producer, and outlining a low-budget feature script.

Peter Roach

Today was the first day I put down my Clorox, wipes,sanitizers and sat down at the computer. I am a lot like Adrian Monk, so this virus crisis has me on a frenetic cleaning frenzy.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

I'm rewriting a pilot of mine for something with Stage 32 we might be announcing soon :D (just found out after this post) and thinking about rewrites on my last feature scripts.

Doug Nelson

I'm totally remodeling the master bath. I have a couple of really strong short scripts that I'm trying to make Oscar worthy (they're pretty close). Then all I need is a crew to produce 'em. I'll let you know how it all unfolds.

Anthony Moore

Working a full-time job during the day but at night I toil relentlessly on a top-secret project that will totally revolutionize the animation industry!!!

Jerry Robbins

Working on a horror script called "Wicked Things," and finished some little tweaks on a script I sold that's scheduled to start shooting in April - but that's probably going to get pushed back under the circumstances.

Bill Albert

Am I the only one who's jealous? I've been offering to do my job from home for 32 years but they won't let me.

Anthony Moore

I have to go into the office everyday. Some people at my job tele-work but with schools closed, that would mean me being at home with my kid asking me questions all day long.

Rosalind Winton

I'm working on my script, The Postcard, which is based on the true story of my Great Grandparents. I saw something on TV the other day that gave me an idea for a great scene, so working on that, plus reading, re-re-re-reading and reading again tweaking it :)

David E. Gates

Publiciting for The Deeper Roots of Evil... released last week on Friday the 13th... :-)

Michael McClendon

My new book CRITTER just hit bookstores and the follow-up goes to the publisher next month. Editing and re-thinking and last-minute changes. The screenplay version of CRITTER has been requested and is in the works!

Shawn Speake

This independent Artist is focused on getting music placements in film and tv. You-tube monetization for my music, music vids, my sitcom, and other acting ventures. In post-production with DREAMHOUSE AVE... a short sitcom pilot about neurotic middle-aged actors who rent rooms in a house with millennial models. starring me and my crew. https://youtu.be/aKgWLRuYWWY

Jim Boston

Nick, I'm working on two screenplays right now...both comedies: "Bleeding Gums," a contemporary story where a math teacher at an all-girls' Catholic high school here in Omaha seeks to fill a void in her school's activities by forming its first jazz band; and a gangster spoof set in 1930 Cleveland called "Got Any More Bullets, Sister?"

In the gangster spoof, two siblings struggling as vendors look to better their lives...but while one sibling decides to enter music, her sister chooses a life of crime.

Been restricting my writing to the weekends...but with all the changes going on, I'm ITCHING to get back to scripting this morning before I go to my paying job at that plastics factory here in town.

All the VERY BEST to you, Nick!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Inspiring to see many here making the best of these challenging times. Best wishes to you all! Stay safe!

Annaluisa de Socchieri

I'm working on a project based on a novel; I'm just at the beginning, but I have plenty of time, as I have to stay at home most of my day as most of all of you, too. Stay safe everyone!

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

And follow up question: how many pizzas have you ordered this week? I'm at 2 going on 3 for today :D

Jerry Robbins

Jim - LOVE the bullets title!

Craig D Griffiths

Rewrite for director, plot for my favourite story and developing a script I want to shoot.

David Melbourne

About to start work on a script I've been planning and outlining for some time. It's quite personal and based on my own experiences and deals with mental illness and drug use. Not exactly uplifting or escapist but you can only write your own truth. It could be quite theraputic to get it out of my system.

Terence A Rousseau

Still got my day job. But much more time on my hands (patients are scared to see the doc for routine stuff). Waiting on coverage of my latest feature script "Rising Moon" and thinking on what to write next. ... something about Alex Trebec inadvertently saving an alien world. Or Greek muses fighting amongst each other to influence Tom Petty. Or maybe something about a professional reader who finds himself actually living out a script he just read. What do you think? Which one...

T.L. Davis

I have three scripts placed with producers (yes, I talk to them and we email regularly) that I am trying to shepherd through the process and while it doesn't take a up a lot of time, does take up some calculations and thoughts about how to proceed. I have two novels I am trying to place. That does take a lot of time, researching publishers is harder than producers, they hide behind a lot more walls, because they don't value the interaction like producers do. I have a novel coming out and I am haggling with the publisher over the cover. The options they sent were horrible, all of them. I'm working on a new screenplay and trying to place my pilot with a production company. Also, I am working on a graphic novel of one of my published novels. None of this takes up a lot of time day to day, but the volume keeps me busy.

Nadia Carmon

Working on sprucing up an action screenplay. The 2nd scene's gone through several iterations (From the inside of a car to a police interrogation room to its present setting), but the current outline makes the most sense. I'm also working on completing the final scene.

Juhani Nurmi

Writing and rewriting. Helping to keep Stage 32 alive through pitching almost every weekend. In my honest opinion, it really isn't the best time to pitch right now. More than ever, I can sense that execs, managers and producers aren't really mentally present ... but it's understandable.

Bill Albert

Been having a really wild experience with a horror idea. It originally came to me and was written as a novel about twelve years ago. Since then I got involved with film making again and Stage 32 opened up some doors for me so I took the idea and rewrote it as a film. I had a pro consultation here and they made some very good suggestions and I sat down to do a rewrite. They felt there were just to many characters for a horror film. I get that. I understand that. The problem I ran into is the situation, s space station, just doesn't work with fewer characters. I can see how you can imagine the Nostromo in Alien was automated so they could make it work with a small crew. It's classic. I just can't get it to work on the space station, though. After lots of trial and error I'm starting to think it just might be better in fiction than film. Anyone ever go through that with their ideas? I don't think of it as a waste of time, the final version in whatever form, will be better because of it. The message is even if your ideas don't work out, you're still a better writer because of it.

Rutger Oosterhoff

... It's "working" on my nerves!

Daisy White

My new book is coming out & I feel kind of weird promoting it. Writing the sequel too & I have another out on submission with my agent so fingers crossed!

Rutger Oosterhoff

Why do you feel weird about promoting your book Daisy?

Vamsi Tiguti

working on a si-fi thirller

Joni Gilbert

working on TV Bible and new feature script idea...

Pamela Segger

Hey Nick! Making my way through a huuuge bag of blue corn chips and draft 4 of a feature dramedy. Also jurying the Foreign Film category for a US film festival, co-producing a feature thriller, and screening for AFI Docs and my own doc fest. Head up, heart forward ... Be well!

Eoin O'Sullivan

Hi Nick,

Polishing a feature called The Cure. I've started pitching it this year, with a request already. Lining up for another two pitches next week.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Love how busy everyone is keeping! Sounds like a lot of great stuff!

Also just so everyone knows, re: what Juhani Nurmi said, this is actually a great time to submit your script or pitch on Stage 32. The executives are emailing us every day asking about submissions. I'm sure some of them aren't used to this downtime, so it's a great time to get an idea in front of them to talk about it. Especially in regards to pitching and consult calls. I've set up quite a few more meetings than average these past two weeks as a result of the lockdown. It's pretty fascinating. Stage 32 has always been about connecting people from all over the world into the industry over the internet, and now that more people have to stay inside and be on the internet, it's really the opportune moment to get your work in front of someone who might be able to help you out :)

Dan Guardino

I am finishing up one page rewrite and after that I am going to work on other things not related to the movie business.

Leontien Parlevliet

I´m brainstorming about changes and adaptations I want to make in a script, I had put aside for a more actual one. Beside, I´m looking for an agent or a literary manager for my finished script and material as I hear nothing any more from the agent I had.

T.L. Davis

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services I've taken this opportunity to re-connect to some producers who had previously turned me down. One had not responded to the first script and I hit him up with the idea of reading a revised version. One had turned me down on the pitch, but with some positives that I hit with a revised pitch. I got positive responses from both of them asking to read the revised script or asking to read the script from the pitch they declined. Just a little back up to the point you were making.

Dan Guardino

I have two screenplays I wrote with Judy Norton that she will star in that we are producing. We are still looking for an executive producer so I think I'll work on that from home since I'm stuck in my house anyway.

Craig Anderson

Digging in on a page one rewrite after receiving consulting notes. I took some time out to learn the craft of storytelling a bit better, and while you never really stop learning, I feel I have more of a solid framework to reference this time around. Eyeing the late deadline for Nicholl, because, well, why not? Go big.

Steve Cleary

Rewriting a script I've been putting off for over a year for a producer who requested it 3 days ago

Dan Guardino

Steve. Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Phil Clarke

Have just completed an intensive edit on a client's feature script, so now it's back to the stack of client scripts for analysis.

Around these I'm also putting together article #4 in my ongoing series: CREATING BETTER FEMALE CHARACTERS, which will hopefully make it into my next Bulletin - a free newsletter packed with screenwriting advice, news, reviews, articles and offers. (Want this? Sign up anywhere on my site: www.philmscribe.com)

I'm also on the jury for Scout Film Festival so I'm judging countless films from young, talented filmmakers.

Any time left over (!) is devoted to working on a couple of my own projects and providing advice via social media to screenwriters.

Leontien Parlevliet

That sounds very promising , Steve. I wish you the best of luck

Leontien Parlevliet

My last experience has learned me not to cheer too fast as I thought progress was made when my agent sent me a video, her colleague had made, in which my synopsis was related and rendered in pictures. You can fall very hard.

Victor Jordan

Currently working on a pitch for an animated comedy on an interracial family, not sure where I’ll go with it though.

Evelyn von Warnitz

Actually working on my feature screenplay Romantic Action and a synopsis for a secret new project, a co-writing collaboration for a fantasy drama. More is in the writing mix to come. Wishing everyone a fantastic flow!

Eric Maus

I just finished up a holiday romantic comedy screenplay. You?

Dan MaxXx

All these screenplay ideas but are there any money transactions? From BUYER to Writer's pocket? I'm just curious if anyone is making money to do this full-time.

Dash Riprock

Watching Steph Curry's Master Class. Coupla' more sessions and I'm calling Steve Kerr for a tryout.

Florin Şumălan

I am trying to make a story for a short film

Cannon Rosenau

Well, stuck at home with a stir-crazy husband who can't go to work and 3 teens and 1 tween, you'd think I'd get nothing done. But being as I don't have to stop every half hour to drive someone to cheer practice, school, girl scouts, play rehearsals etc (you know who you are), I'm making good headway on my latest comedy feature: Crazy Little Athol.

Jason Farley

Trying to develop a new script and hunting for feedback on a script I’m going to get to pitch soon. Want to freshen up my relationship with it so I’m ready. :)

Katarzyna Adamus

Completed few days ago first draft of a short film screenplay. Learning the craft. Experimenting with baking bread. Working on the non-fiction book as a ghostwriter. Trying to clean the house. Writing second draft of my novel. Producing videos for online course. Plus lots of more activities.

Vamsi Tiguti

Hi All

I am new to this platform what are the pitching opportunities here? Hunting for a producer in UK

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Hi Vamsi, you can view our current pitch sessions under the script services tab. Feel free to email me at writerhelp@stage32.com or Jason Mirch at j.mirch@stage32.com with any questions :)

Leontien Parlevliet

Hey Eric, that´s just what we need at this moment. I finished an adventurous drama. I now start working on a adventurous thriller

Eric Christopherson

I'm working on a contained, autobiographical bio pic called Once Upon a Time in My House. Expect it'll end in violence.

Tony Ray

Working on my fantasy screenplay while keeping up with work at the grocery store.

Rahim Bukhari

I'm recording monologues and it's fun. I just posted three of my first ever recorded monologues on the Stage. Do check it out if you have the time. I'm dying for some constructive feedback :)

William Martell

I'm working on my Loglines, Treatments, and Pitching Blue Book... But I had to take a few days off from it to do a rewrite on a script requested by a bored Development Executive. They need something to make when this whole thing is over.

Fabrice J Katalay

Great to see that, I finished a sci-fi. Now I am working on a thriller.

Phil Parker

I wrapped up two assignments and my Imagine Impact application. Now I'm on to a new action/fantasy spec while I search for work!

Phil Clarke

Great stuff, Phil Parker . Really glad you're managing to remain productive.

Steve Cleary

Seeing that studios are on lockdown (not that my material is being considered), I'm producing my own series of clips that explore the tropes and cliches of action movies and tv, a "micro-series" if you will. Check them out on my Instagram @storbang. Leave a comment and I'll follow you back!

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