Screenwriting : What inspired you to write your first script? by Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

What inspired you to write your first script?

When I was mentoring a young man about 9 years ago, he told me his dream was to be a feature screenwriter. I earnestly advised him to focus on his computer skills and that screenwriting was a pipe dream. It's ironic that two years later, while riding my bike toward Huntington Beach pier, I decided to write a teleplay. 

A friend of mine brought me a jailhouse manuscript from a former New York Hotelier turned mob associate named Edward “Biff” Halloran. He asked me if I’d be interested in writing a book about the guy. Initially, I said no but then came up with the idea of creating a pilot show about Halloran. I quickly wrote a pilot, then a few weeks later, rewrote it after I purchased Final Draft software.

~The Mighty Dragon Blog, October 2019

What inspired you to write your first feature or teleplay? 

PS, writing my first script seemed like a good idea at the time; and I suppose the beach landscape at dusk was an inspiring location.

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THE MIGHTY DRAGON Interview#39 Phillip E. Hardy #writer Interviews - Film Reviews - Writer's blog
Phillip E. Hardy is creative maverick, who can craft compelling stories in every genre. He is a ten time optioned screenwriter, who is currently having four projects shopped by producers including Ste…
Christine Capone

A bad breakup. I was young. I think it was 1997 : )

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Christine: Ooh! That was probably not only cathartic but also allowed you to draw from a range of emotions.

Christine Capone

Definitely! It helped for sure. I started to update it and probably revisit it at some point.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy


I wrote a romcom that was largely based on people on knew when I was an LA rock musician. That one flowed out of me in a few days.

Justin Plourde

As a kid I was always really into making up stories, even creating and xeroxing my own comic books. I just constantly go on mental tangents and I think very visually. After being bedridden for months with a life threatening illness in my 20's I was forced to stop and think about my life at which point it dawned on me that this was something, that while I had never thought about it as a possibility for my life, really just fit.

John Day

I was discussing Thoreau's "Walden" with my students and told a story from my life that connected to his work. One student raised his hand: "That should be a movie." He kept at it until I finally wrote the screenplay. It was awful -- but the die was cast. I collaborated with this student on one of his short films, and he graduated last month from film school. The dream is to work together on a feature some day.

Christine Capone

Phillip did you do anything with it? An LA rock musician?? Very cool!

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy


Shondaland just read the script last week. And I'm working about 6 other scripts with different production companies.

Craig D Griffiths

I was talking to my brother in-law and he said that he would like to write a version of a movie.

I had always loved film and thought, “I could do that”.

So I did. I am not addicted.

Dan Guardino

I had a story to tell so I tired to write a novel. By the time I hit page thirty I realized I really sucked at writing so I gave up. About a year later I came a cross a how to write a screenplay book by accident. So I purchased the book and wrote my first screenplay. It sucked but I did manage to option it. More recently another producer I know wanted to produce it but I decided I didn't want to see it get made into a movie.

Jim Boston

Phillip, I hope you don't mind a two-parter.

When I took a screenwriting class in college back in 1979, I thought about a summer job I had the previous year: I worked for a soft-drink bottler in the Des Moines, IA area (where I was actually born) and, instead of working inside the actual plant as I'd done in summers past, I rode in the same truck as a route driver...and I helped him out. (Loved it!)

So, for the script I had to write for that class at Iowa State University, I figured: "Why not do a story about two women trying to become route drivers for a soft-drink bottling company?"

And that's how "Long Way" was born. (I don't have that 30-page script anymore. It's in Recycling Heaven someplace.)

But when it came to writing something good enough to post here at Stage 32...the inspiration for "Really Old School," the first thing I ever posted here, came from all the years (the better part of the 1993-2015 period) I'd competed in the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest and Festival. And I wanted to focus on four teenagers who loved to play ragtime. (In Real Life, almost all the Junior Division contestants I'd ever face could outplay me...but I didn't mind!)

Great question, Phillip...and all the VERY BEST to you!

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

A nightmare I had after watching E.T. for the billionth time as a kid that stuck with me all into adulthood. That script was bad, and I overthought it and was still learning to write (still am), but I've got plans based off of what it inspired.

Brett Hoover

Mine is a little less inspirational as I was just sitting at the computer and had an idea pop in my head. Being an author my first thought was creating it into a book but then it just popped in my head that it might be a good screenplay. Why I come to this conclusion I have no idea as at the time I knew absolutely nothing about writing screenplays. Happy with the results though.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Jim: Excellent. Thanks!

Geoff Wise

I had an idea that would change the world for the better if I could find an effective medium to share it broadly. And hands down, the best medium is film.

Richard Banton

It was a final for a screenwriting class. The idea was inspired by the movie/play, Doubt. I spent the following summer writing it as a full-length feature and haven't touched it in years. It's not good.

Stefano Pavone

A lack of recognition and not being taken very seriously, not even by my family (I was 17 and in my first year of college, having dropped out of high school the year prior). My first script (which I later novelised) doesn't exist anymore - it was about a group of Europeans in the US working together to prevent a war between Heaven and Hell. The novelisation no longer exists, either, but it did lay the foundations for what would become my unique trademarks (multilingual and international cast of characters, colour-coded characters to determine their personalities and roles, heavy reliance on knowledge of non-American, particularly European and Japanese, culture and history, characters speaking their native languages at critical moments, etc.). 15 years later, here I am... 10 scripts written, none sold.

Erick Freitas


John Ellis

No inspired, but "volunteered."

When four friends get together and decide to make a movie that's better than "the crap Hollywood puts out," but only one of them has any experience writing (novels), that person get "volunteered" to write the screenplay.

That would be me. The film was a failure, but I fell in love with screenwriting.

Doug Nelson

If I recall correctly; it was red wine.

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