Screenwriting : What is the Best Approach for this Situation Regarding Screenwriting by Edward A. Stodolski

Edward A. Stodolski

What is the Best Approach for this Situation Regarding Screenwriting

I have a situation Hopefully other screenwriters, directors, producers, can give me their feedback. Now here's the situation what happens if you write a Story (Not yet a Screenplay or Movie Script) Just a Story and this story is written for a certain Actor/Actress now after you finish writing this story and your deciding to convert to Screenplay/Movie Script Yet, you want to have this actor/actress feedback by viewing this story first to see if they would be interested in being this character whom you wrote this story for. What happens if they refuse to be this character and are not interested in this story you wrote for them. Do you still complete the story then show it to a Director/Producer as a completed story before deciding to convert this screenplay/movie script into an actual Movie and see if they would have an interest in buying this story? And what if your able and willing to do this Movie with a Director/Producer. What if this character needs to resemble this actor/actress is their agency they can help you find a Celebrity look alike? Your feedback is appreciated.

(The writer for the T.V. Show "Kramer" Had the same issue this is why I am asking)

David E. Gates

Why tie yourself down like that? Write the character - whomever plays it will bring their own personality and skills to it. And it's very likely it'll be the Director or Producer that determines who it'll be. Their perception of the character will be different to yours, almost certainly. I've only ever heard of one script where they wrote something like "Removes the helmet to reveal someone of Sean Connery's stature" which actually managed to get Sean Connery involved [Time Bandits].

Hernán Crespo

I have to agree with David. Who will or won't play the character shouldn't affect your work at this stage.

Philipp Mayr

“...Who will or won't play the character shouldn't affect your work...”

But aren’t you sometimes writing roles or characters specifically tailor-made for a particular actor?

Roberto Dragonne

I always have an actress/actor on my mind when I create a character. You can mention the name, maybe on the pitch or after but you must be aware that on the 98% of the times the producer and/or the director will have the final word.

Shawn Speake

My man. Got a question about the backstory. Where did you learn how to tell stories?

Dan Guardino

If the story is good just write the screenplay. Trying to attach any bankable actor is difficult unless you already have funding or you know them personally.

Hernán Crespo

Of course Philipp, but that's something you do to fuel your own creativity. That actor's intention of playing the role or even his/her knowledge of the character's existence, shouldn't interfere with the creation of the screenplay. As a writer you probably won't have that much to say about who ultimately ends up landing the role.

Edward A. Stodolski

Thank You, everyone, for your comments I appreciate it. Even though its a story about an Angel I Had........ (well it's not that important) and Yes, it shouldn't matter what this actor thinks even if I wrote it for him. If he doesn't like it then maybe it's time to seek other actors whom may seek this opportunity. and THANK YOU, for the advice on making sure I Copy Write the story first before presenting it. The thought never even crossed my mind that an actor, actress, producer, or a director can steal the story if they like, Then copy write it themselves, and take full credit for my screenwriting work while I end up with nothing for My efforts including having my name on the screenplay or script. So I thank you all for your feedback. I look forward to posting future post and your feedback which will be always appreciated. Well, Happy Writing, Producing, Directing everyone. And Thanks Again.

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