Screenwriting : What's Next? by Matthew Manyak

Matthew Manyak

What's Next?

As of today, I finished writing my first feature-length screenplay! I've gone through multiple drafts and made the revisions and edits from various test-reads, and I feel it's time to go to the next step of the process. I’m new to this aspect of the film industry, and would like to know what the possible routes are for me to sort of “get it out there”. I’m looking into various screenplay competitions to submit it to, but I didn’t know if there was a particular process one must go through first. Any and all tips will be appreciated. Thank you!

Jody Ellis

Contests are a good start, look for the ones that offer free feedback if you can. There are also pitch sessions available here with Happy Writers.

Matthew Manyak

Thank you so much Jody!

Josh Hughes

Join a writers group. Don't enter into competitions above your pay grade. Start writing your next one. Don't sit on this one too long.

Dan MaxXx

throw your script into the water and let the Sharks have a bite. Drop $$$ on Happy Writers, Black List or Inktip. Get as many independent eyes as possible. Go over Notes, the good & bad notes. Then rewrite and send scripts to players- managers, agents, actors, etc. No one cares if this is your 1st or 20th screenplay. Good is good. And how do you know if your story is good? When THEY contact you. (THEY meaning people with $$$ or power).

Semira Chan

Dan M knows what he's talking about. Congrats on your first feature - that's a big step!

Dan MaxXx

Semira no, i dont. I just steal from Scott Myers & Javi Marxuach off their twitter. :)

Fenster Owatahowoo

Please. Stop. You're tooooooooo funny. I'm laughing so hard my... my... stones hurt. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Eric Micallef

I would like to take a look at your script and, if you are looking for a director for the Project. if I like it, I would like to be part of it.

Pierre Langenegger

Post it to your loglines page for free feedback. Join (they just revamped their site) and post it there for free feedback as well. You need to review some scripts there as part of the deal but that helps you as well.

Semira Chan

Dan M - are you gonna make me doubt all the advice you sent my way now? What a plot twist

Mark Lund

I started by entering some contests. I can say it worked. My first screenplay was nominated at the California Independent Film Festival in 2007. I didn't win, but top 5 out of like 80 submissions for a new screenwriter was such a thrill!

Matthew Manyak

Thank you all so much for your advice!

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