Screenwriting : What's the first script you read? by Maurice Vaughan

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Maurice Vaughan

What's the first script you read?

What's the first script you read? I read "Office Space" in high school.

Phil Clarke

Good question. First proper physical script was probably Se7en.

Chad Stroman

I think it was Snow Falling on Cedars.

Maurice Vaughan

Cool, Mr. Clarke and Mr. Stroman. Mr. Clarke, I read "Office Space" online.

Jim Boston

Maurice, the first actual, proper script I ever read was a copy of "'National Lampoon's' Animal House" that I sent in for from Script City in Culver City, CA back in the early 1980s.

Phil Clarke

Maurice Vaughan There was no such thing as online when I started! ;-) Fellow oldies will remember the only way to get hold of screenplays was to buy them from a company who simply photocopied a shooting script and posted it to you. Writers these days have so much more at their fingertips.

Maurice Vaughan

Nice, Mr. Boston. I like "National Lampoon's Vacation." I haven't read the script though.

Craig D Griffiths

On my 21st Birthday some gave a book called “No curried eggs for me”. A compendium of comedy scripts.

Eddie Joseph

Twilight Zone "Back There" was my first script I read. i was in High School then.

Maurice Vaughan

That must have been a fun read, Mr. Griffiths. Mr. Joseph, we both read our first script in high school.

Peter Dowd

Pulp Fiction back in 1995. Tarantino’s scripts were always available at this Border’s Bookstore

Eddie Joseph

Maurice Vaughan that is awesome! When I read that script it made me pay attention to how the episodes of The Twilight Zone pan out the way it did.

Eddie Joseph

Pulp Fiction is still one of my favorite films!

Nathan Smith

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. Got the big paperback as a Christmas present.

Craig D Griffiths

The original Pulp Fiction script describes so

many different visuals. Like Vince and Jules putting on “Green Dusters” when getting the guns from the car.

There is a great line when they are having the “foot massage” conversation. When Vince says “you ever given a man a foot massage”.

He describes what Jules is thinking. A complete unflimable, but tells you exactly how the actor is going to play it.

Kay Luke

Way back when, I was in High School in the 10th grade and everybody had to read Romeo and Juliet to pass English Lit.

Does that count?

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

North By Northwest

Doug Nelson

Lar's Wedding - I wrote in '70.

Maurice Vaughan

Great comments, everyone. I remember reading Shakespeare in high school, Mr. Luke. :)

Pete Whiting

Jerry maguire

Louis Tété


Eddie Joseph

Jerry Maguire was a great movie too... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Dan MaxXx

We read Syd Field's "how to book" in school and we had to buy the printed script of "Chinatown" for class. The internet, Ipads, Iphones, PDF, emails didn't exist. Same class, we also studied "Watchmen" comic novel.

Maurice Vaughan

What school was that, Mr. MaxXx? High school? A film school?

Michael L. Burris


Good thing I read hundreds afterwards.

To know what's wrong took a few years.

To craft what's right took a couple more.

To understand sale ability took another year Investigating my original thought and endeavor. A year or two bitter and snarky at the industry. Months of doubt within all threads of time.

Understanding I'll never get rich other than the wealth of knowledge which does equal creative power of the creative world...well: that's priceless because that's life of not only a screenwriter but creator of media. Money of success truly is the most temporary feel as it fuels the power.

I love reductionist of screen at either my age or experience.

Still not sure if its the best and only avenue but probably.

Roberto Dragonne

I read a script from the TV show "Buffy the vampire slayer".

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for commenting that, Mr. Burris. It's definitely a journey.

Michael L. Burris

Yes Maurice it is.

Many worlds of the creative, professional and even the damn personal self collide with value evaluations needed of all.

Those worth a damn usually leave self to regret realizing the little ole' me of not only that which used to be allows us to still be those of who we are.

Kind of those humble checks of reality which all true creatives hate.

Funny thing is I used to think it was just my own mind-expanded world whereas among creatives it is a world of normality.

Maybe this Stage32 thing has value in just that?

Screenwriters are a breed of sacrifice that pushes limits of every aspect of life.

Hopefully as such the limits of fantasy and reality are only blurred to the job world chosen.

Plight of the screenwriter.

True creatives.

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