Your Stage : What's the most important component? by Phillip "The Gent" Hardy

Phillip "The Gent" Hardy

What's the most important component?

Though I don’t use beat sheets or a template, I have a formula for how I write a screenplay or teleplay. As I’ve improved as a storyteller, I’ve accumulated things I believe are essential components for my scripts. Recently, The Mighty Dragon Blog asked me If you had to impart just one piece of advice to a newbie writer what would that be? I answered to write economically. However, lots of things contribute to a good screenplay. These ingredients include structure, plot points, inciting incident, turnaround, conflict, character voice, tone and creativity. Some readers will delete your script because of typos and spelling errors. 

What do you think is the most import component in crafting a good screenplay?

THE MIGHTY DRAGON Interview#39 Phillip E. Hardy #writer Interviews - Film Reviews - Writer's blog
THE MIGHTY DRAGON Interview#39 Phillip E. Hardy #writer Interviews - Film Reviews - Writer's blog
Phillip E. Hardy is creative maverick, who can craft compelling stories in every genre. He is a ten time optioned screenwriter, who is currently having four projects shopped by producers including Ste…
Craig D Griffiths

A believable and compelling story told through the eyes of relatable characters. Sounds super generic. But it is independent of other formal aspects and I believe far more important. I base that on we see lots of crap that is well structured, with inciting incidents etc. But we rarely see crap that can be summarised as a good story told by relatable and believable characters.

M L.

Nobody likes reading. Not even the actors or directors. Economy of expression is crucial. If it doesn't 100% have to be written into the script. Don't write it.

Karen E Ross

I love this post, Phillip "The Gent" Hardy! I would have to say plant and pay off. Setting up expectations and resolving them before people forget about it, which requires great scene structure.

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