Screenwriting : What's your reason for writing? by Nikki April Lee

Nikki April Lee

What's your reason for writing?

What do you hope to gain? A career? To change lives? To inspire?

Gianna Isabella

Love of stories & the craft :)

Sandra Campbell

For all the reasons you stated. That's why I write.

Don Patterson

Because I can sing and dance, paint and draw, play several musical instruments well, play at designing websites, make low budget movies and breath often.

Zach Miller

I write because there's nothing better than creating your own story.

Désirée Nordlund

I've always been writing. It's just the way I am. I turned to screenwriting because I saw movies in my head and I found the structure and the limitations inspiring.

Wendra Colleen

It's the only way I can be true to myself. And, yes, I would like to inspire others, challenge their beliefs, make them feel something they've never felt before, and maybe look at life just a little differently than they did before they read or saw something I created. I'd like to think an audience could grow in some way from what I produced because that is what really great art does for me.

Andrew Gruffudd

I create, therefore I am. And vicey-versey, natch.

Theodore Dromas

To express myself.

Mark Sanderson

We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to.”— Somerset Maugham

George R. Powell

I actually wasn't always a writer. I've been a musician my whole life and a composer for over 15 years. However, ever since I was a kid, I had crazy ideas that I wanted so badly to make into movies, and as I got older, I started getting story ideas that I wanted to develop and do something with, so I started writing them. At this point now, I've fallen in love with screenwriting (been doing it for 2 years now). Not only is it an opportunity for me to express my story ideas and breathe life into new worlds and characters, but it also allows me to express myself in ways I couldn't in reality.

Jennifer DiMarco

For work (I write for the kids' series "Epic Heroes") I write to inspire kids with disabilities to transform how they think about the condition that challenges them. Other than work... I think I write mostly to get the buzz of words out of my head and work out what the heck I'm thinking about :)

Sandy Corkins-Schmidt

I write because I have stories to tell. Sometimes it takes a while for them to be ready for me to write them!

Dee Chilton

Most the above...Money.although it would be nice, is not a main driver (in this game you could starve it is was). For me the main reason is that there are these great films I see in my head and no-one else is making them, so I have to write them and try to see if I can get them made.

Sandy Corkins-Schmidt

Yes! I'm a movie fan from as far back as I can remember. I love the medium. When I think of stories, I see them as movies.

Christopher Eugene Lee

Pretty much since junior high I've been coming up with story concepts, and finally after college I decided to try developing them into something full-length. I've always loved playing around with ideas, experimenting, and creating. It's never been a conscious thing, just an instinct almost. I hope someday someone can experience the same exhilarating feelings from one of my works that I have from the works that I love.

May Cunningham

To see if I can!

Jim Blythe

I write for the pleasure of it. Even if no one paid me a penny I'd always write. I love taking the spark of an idea and turning it into something. It's also the reason why I then produce and direct these things.

Kristine Knowlton

I write to create something different. There are so many things today that keep being remade, I think it's rather sickening. We need more original ideas in the world and more people to take chances and show the world that different can be a great thing.

Tshib'ls Kadima

bcz of cash.

Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

The voices in my head tell me too...

Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

@Matthew - amazingly true post... In all seriousness (toward my original post) - I write because I have to...I need to get what is in my head on paper...if someone reads it and is moved - whether to tears or to vomit - than I have still accomplished something. If fame or fortune comes from my writing, great. But my focus is words. To improve how I use them, and to simply make the dialogue in my mind cease periodically be placing it on paper. Whether it be ideas, stories, concepts, or literally the voice(s) in my head telling me what to do...

Richard "RB" Botto

Simply because I enjoy it. It's a stress reliever. I love molding the wild, scattered strands of an idea into a tight woven narrative.

Jennie Wesco

It's all I want to do and it's all I can think about doing! Right now I'm forced to sit in a 4 walled cube feeling like a caged rat to pay the bills but I KNOW I'll get paid one day soon to do exactly what I love, want and need to do...write.

Jason Dailing

Because it hurts not to.


To help others in this tough business to attract their destiny to themselves.

LB McGill

I love telling stories...

J. Brian

My grandfather was a storyteller and I have very few memories of him, but the ones I have held on to were of him telling stories to us grandkids. He would sit and just start talking and the stories would pour out of him and come to life. I began writing short stories at the age of 10 because of him. I wanted to create those fun places and characters too. It was a way for me to escape and explore new worlds and adventures as a child. My English teachers would give me extra credit just for writing a story from out of the blue and reading it to the class. I carried that storytelling over into role playing games as a teenager. I was able to vividly create the same feeling of fantasy and adventure for my friends as a "dungeon master". I would, then, write stories based on the game sessions. Yes, I was a D&D nerd as a teenager and damned proud of it because it was at that time in my life that I decided I wanted to produce movies when I grew up. I have just published a collection of short stories and love telling stories no matter how they are presented.

Michael Glen Montague

I write because as far as I can remember, I've been getting interesting stories in my head almost every day and I want to share them with the world.

Mark Ratering

ever since i was a kid i told stories. to my kid sister classmates. it's in my blood.

Mark Ratering

I worked so hard. 22 years old and new to hollywood. I waited in line at Warner for 4 hours 4 a 3rd asst. camera job. I heard while in line with this mass of people, "if someone's interested in security send em up". I turned a security job into a 3rd asst camera job on Superman. From there I worked every job to become the most "overall" producer I ever met. AD, editor. ran 3 grip trucks at night in the day .... AFI, props sound film lab timing. Had two million dollar ad companies. We were in the last times when you could get paid for your films ..... now lucky to break even.

Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

Credit on IMDB is slowgoing, they've had 4 profiles setup in my name, combined, added, removed info...eventually they'll get it right. (Not to detract from the main topic).

Mark Ratering

I don't even worry about that IMDB. It's not who I am. They don't control my life and what I have dpne as an artist and human being. I don't look people up on that stupid thing when I want to work with them, I trist what they tell me or I don't work with them.

Mark Ratering

Listen Richard It's a shame Iran and Isreal are going to war. It's a shame that kids don't have food. It's a shame the world is going to hell... Not that my credits are not on IMDB, believe me.

Mark Ratering

Superman the movie I know Vic but I spent most my time as a third asst in the Warner camera dept. cleaning loading mag's,

Tony Street

Because I have a story to tell.

David Suszek

Because I've grown to hate auditions, and writing satisfies a deep need. Unfortunately, it's taken me a while to understand how deep that need is.

David Boorboor

As a Director, it helps solidify my vision for any project I intend to make.

Patrick Stephan Marshall

It helps me breath.

Bruno Machado Gomes

I started writing because I love movies. My first goal is to have at least one short screenplay produced. After that my goal is to have a feature length screenplay produced. After that I don't know maybe just try to do better movies. I'm Portuguese and I live in Lisbon, Portugal so trying to write good screenplays in English it's a great challenge. I wish good luck to all that have comment this post and to all that will comment next.

Andrew Gruffudd

I write because I can - because it is one of my gifts. I have a turn of phrase - can "pen a mean 'un" in common parlance -and because I avoid cliches wherever they raise their spotty, facsimiled heads, if I notice them, I am interesting to read (or so I've been told - heavens forfend that I should be so bold, lawks a'mercy etc). I am also in touch with my ancestors, who used to sit around the hearth telling stories. It was thus that they would pass knowledge, wisdom and ancestral lineage. I like to think I am part of that proud heritage, carrying on the traditions of my forebears.

Ritchie Johnston

Well, a couple of years ago I went through a load of bad times, bad breakup etc etc and I thought my world was ending so I turned all the bad stuff into a story and started from there, I always wanted to be a writer, but never had the time and when I had a story, I turned it into a screenplay and went from there! I love the craft and the art of story telling and one day hope to get that first project on the small screen! But even if I don't I have a story that I liked!:)

Lisa Vandiver

I write because I enjoy entertaining. I have always enjoyed watching the movies or reading a great book. I want to leave a legacy for my child and the generation to come to remember I was here, long after I'm gone. J.R.R. Tolkien is a wonderful example of how I'd like to be remembered. A talented writer who left a wonderfully entertaining story.

Karen Keslen

To change lives and inspire.

Lisa Talley

Simply, to move people. More expansively, to let loose what's clawing to get out.

Shanika Freeman

inspire people to inspire each other. I just want to make this world better. I love the craft, and want to succeed in this career but my main wish is to somehow inspire our future leaders/this generation, to impact their lives for the better.

Ken Konecki

To make people think and share my thoughts to entertain

Brenda McKenna

Writing is an undeniable urge I have to configure story ideas and characters that come to me, wanting to be brought to life in words.

Clive McDonald

How hard can it be? Have you seen some of the lunk heads who do it? Directors and actors hire writers who suck up to them.That's why all these lame brains never get hired. It's not about the writing, any fool can do that.Think of it this way, give a man a fish and he has one meal, give him a fishing rod and he can eat forever.Give this epithany to your average director, explain that it's a metaphor and that his fishing rod is a camera and any other stuff that sounds like something a writer might say and you'll probably be hired there and then.

Clive McDonald

I think you've got your naturals, and then you've got your bitter and twisted types who have to force it. A lot just do it for the money.I see you've got the ass kissing side of things well covered.

Clive McDonald

Forget the fishing rod. Let's try a different tack. Next time you eat at a fancy restaurant let it slip that you are there writing a food review.Your editor likes you to write real stinkers, after all who reads lame stuff, but the food here was great. See we are back to the free meal, same result different approach, this time the writings the fishing rod. Another good one for free loading is to be a tv researcher, works at guesthouses places like that for free stays.

Kevin Kent

I write because its faster than reworking some else's depressing, soul searching, scorched earth, melodrama about life in a small dismal town, where every other word is F or Shit. and three people have to die by the first act. Now you see why I have a hard time. That sounds pretty grim for a guy who writes comedy... OK, that first line is a new dark comedy about a writer from inner city Detroit.

Becca Legassie

because I have to...everyday in some way

Lucy Sheen 周麗端

I love words, I am in a constant of writing whether that's verbally or using a pen. I still have something to say and until such time as I run out of words I will keep writing

Scott C. Brown

Oh... Oh... I know this one!!! It explains my drinking!!!

David Ashutosh

I write.. to express... to explore... to make sense of the world one piece at a time and perhaps to help others do the same (even only to have a clearer understanding of not understanding and what specifically is not understood). Maybe also in an attempt to find peace and help others find peace with life as it is, and consider how else it could be. Something along those lines.

Patrick Hampton

I was born to tell stories. They say when you do what you love you never work a day in your life. I love to write scripts and stories. Its as simple as that.

Director G

I write just to have something to film. I dislike the writing but only i can tell the stories that i want to see in action.

Lucy Sheen 周麗端

I write because I can not stop, because I love words, because the voice that I have is not often heard and when people have listened they have enjoyed, they have reacted they have argued they have cried. When the time comes that I have noting else to say then I will put down my pen

Clive McDonald

I was given a fifteen year jail term for a crime i didn't commit.English class's were a break from the monotamy.Later when i had learn't enough to make my first submissions i had to use proxies on the outside.Thess would often give me annoying writing advice, make the scripts scarier, more tense.They also pocketed a good deal and in some cases, all of the resulting payments.Nonetheless when i came out i had a substantial sum in the bank, and three pen name careers.My first job was to kill these pseudo selves all living the high life off of me.Job two was to kill everybody who had framed me and helped with my arrest.If anybody on this site had anything to do with it they had better watch it. Responce to comments below; Many screenplays or stories attempt to answer a question, and what you see is the working out of this on the page or screen.So if the header question is treated this way it's a bit more interesting than, i love words, or i'm a book worm, to actually making something up, which is what we are supposed to do. I don't think anybody reading my comments would take them literally.

Timothy (RobbyLone) Woodard

I write because it helps me to relax. I have stories I want to share with everyone, and not just those that I know personally. Many tell me I have a gift so I continue to work with what I know I am good at. That is writing. I just happen to want to turn my stories into films one day.


I write because I can't not write.

Lisa Lewis Moon

I write because I can make a story out of any event in my life including paying a cashier, losing a cell phone, the license agreements we all click but don't read, trips through caves on vacation. You name it I can write a story about it. I love it.

David Navarro

To make $$

Michael B Jackson

I write because I enjoy it. Money is cool, but there are much easier ways to make cash. You really have to love this craft to stay in it. For any writer, part of it is the need for approval. We want to hear someone tell us how much they loved our story. Part of it is our restless minds that constantly invents story ideas and ignite curiosity in us to see how it ends and if it all ties together.

Zondra Mae

I agree, Michael! The passion for the craft of story telling!

Tim Foley

I write for a number of reasons but in the main I write to entertain, to educate, to inspire and to survive.

Steve Cadieux

Since i was a kid i have been a story teller, my friend wanted me to tell a story rather than playing dungeon and dragon, i think it is like acting, actor like to see appreciation for there performance, writer like to see people enjoying the story. That me, i like to tell and making story.

Scott C. Brown

As the quote goes, "I'm not a writer with a drinking problem, but rather a drinker with a writing problem." Other than that, I have always loved to see and feel the ink spread across the page. How a good pen fits in my hand. A writer must tell their story or stories. If they don't, their existence is meaningless. I have been making a living from pushing the pen for over 20 years. It is my passion.

Claes Lane

I love beautiful things. Writing is my way or attempt to create something beautiful.

CH Anderson

I enjoy it first and foremost. Secondly, its the only thing I've ever found myself to be any good at. That's why I hope it works out. I think in terms of visuals which is why I love screenwriting, I like to consider how it looks when external to my imagination.

Patrick Hampton

Film is my passion. Writing is my release. Also there is usually a vivid dream that helps.

W. Paul Hughes

I feel possessed to write. When I write I feel free, like exactly where I belong. As blood is to the body, writing is to my spirit; it's my breath. As I write I can see the script as if I just watched the movie. WOW. It's my expression of/for life.

Mark Sanderson

“Writing is survival. Any art, any good work, of course, is that. Not to write, for many of us, is to die. We must take arms each and every day, perhaps knowing that the battle cannot be entirely won, but fight we must, if only a gentle bout.”—Ray Bradbury

El Inquilino Guionista

Porque lo puedo hacer en "aspañol."

Christopher Howard

I write because it's my story, and I'm the only one who can tell it, my way. (which may mean that I should be writing novels, or plays, rather than movies, but...) I used to manage bands and I learned very quickly that if you're not doing it (creating art/music) because it's who you are, then you'll become disillusioned very quickly. Plus being surrounded with so many talented and creative people is inspiring.

Allison Bruning

I can't stop writing. I'm obsessed. I'm a screenwriter, novelist, blogger and poet.

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