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Leon Reaper

When writing

What kinda music do you listen to when writing screenplays and scripts? if you do listen to it when writing. i find it helps concentration :D

Tim Ferguson

AC/DC is perfect. Seriously! Energetic, always positive, and always on one emotional level - Rock - so it isn't distracting.

Leon Reaper

i love ac/dc! rock is ideal i agree. im a metalhead so to speak but my music would definitely get my mind distracted from actually thinkning about the actual scenario in the script seriously. when its a scene where someone has died in the script i put like a sad rock song on, gentle playing acoustic not electric. sets the tone right :)

Leon Reaper

May sound abit weird to you guys, but i used to listen to Enya when i was kid when my mum put it on the tape player. the sound in it and ambience actually helps me during the dialogue sequences. dont judge :S haha

Leon Reaper

I'm of Welsh descent so any kind of celt-type music stimulates me i think lol

Leon Reaper

haha i was listening to 2 live crew - me so horny song yesterday doing some of it old skool hip hop :P lol

Julian Nabunya

i like instrument ment , it help me , infact , these days i listen to Ferrie = Differentieel , i met him here , he is walking on my sound track , for The coach short .

John Young

Depends on how long the script will be. The recent short film I wrote was only 5 pages so I didn't listen to anything, but the 4 short films I wrote before that 15-20 pages each I listened to film soundtracks from the same genre to get a feel of how the finished product will be.

Dave Merlino

Depends on the movie I'm writing. I usually set up a playlist of songs that convey the tone of the story I'm trying to tell. Not songs that I expect to be on the soundtrack, but songs that elicit the right emotion for the characters (angry rock songs for the revenge flick, classical for the fantasy epic, etc..) But overall, they usually skew towards classic rock and grunge, I did grow up in Seattle in the 90's after all.

Dave Merlino

I will also add that I have found I need to listen with noise cancelling ear buds. Even when I am alone and have the music playing on a docking station (really loud) it does not have the same effect as ear buds cancelling out the rest of the world.

Silke' Renate Lienhardt

I prefer classical music for most writing: Beethoven, Mahler or Prokofiev for serious pieces; Grieg or Strauss for lighter, comedic stuff. Bartok or Handel for science fiction.

Lisa Clemens

I try to find something that suits the script or at least the scene I'm working on! I was just working on an outline for a script set during the Ming Dynasty so the soundtrack to Jade Empire by Jack Wall worked for me!

Dawn Chapman

I prefer silence. Nothing.... However, when the other half is at home, the TV will be on and I can blank it for the most part. It has to be really interesting to disturb me. :)

Debbie Elicksen

I'm with Dawn. I need silence. However, I can listen to anything or have TV on when I'm writing marketing materials and posts, but for blogs, articles, and manuscripts...silence.

Leon Reaper

Thank you fr your input ladies :) x

Simon Ellinas

Complete silence for writing; lots of music for drawing (I'm also a cartoonist).

D.L. Payne

depends, period pieces, soundtracks and/or classical, modern, whatever is appropriate to the time frame

Dina Arsenault

Depends on my mood..usually something rhythmic and catchy..I kind of use it as something to cancel out so I am able to better concentrate on my writing..usually in the rock era though cuz I am a rock and roller through and through :)

Vincent John Conti

I tend to listen to trailer music and scores from other films that inspire me most. I definitely recommend Two Steps From Hell, Brand X Music, X Ray Dog, Future World Music, Posthaste, etc. Look them up on YouTube.

Leon Reaper

will do man :D thanks

Karen Keslen

Of kind that my screenplay is.

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